Wearable GPS Tracker

Wearable GPS Tracker

We understand that the safety of your kids is top priority. Thanks to technology, you have different gps tracking device available today. This can be a gps watch or any wearable device with gps tracker.

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This gives you peace of mind since you can do real time tracking of your child’s location. Finding the best gps trackers is essential considering the pressing matter on security.

If you’re into this, great that you are here. We are going to help you understand about gps device. And how you can find the best one that works for you.

Are these GPS tracking device safe for children?

Children playing in the park with medical alert devices

There are many GPS trackers that you’ll be overwhelmed which one to choose. Understanding their benefits and setbacks is your first step. Do you think these GPS devices are safe for your kids?

This mobile device do location tracking of your kids whereabouts. It’s like someone is looking after your child. That’s a good thing, especially if you’re busy with work.

But some consumers are also weary about the potential risks of these location technologies in terms of data privacy. We understand that majority of these tech companies are legally obliged to take care of personal data.

But some are still anxious about hackers and selling of data. In searching for the best GPS tracker, you need to consider data protection as well. Overall, the ability to provide GPS location tracking gives you two sets of eyes for your kids.

Types of Mobile Tracking Device

Apple Watch and Wear OS smartwatches

There are different kinds of mobile device with location tracking abilities. These GPS devices can be used to track location and health of your kids and seniors. Each has their own features that you need to understand to maximize its function.

Let’s discuss these wearable device with GPS tracking feature.

GPS Watch

This is the trending GPS trackers in 2022. They come in different brands, colors, and features. It’s one of the best-selling wearable GPS tracker for kids in 2022.

We have two main contenders in the market: Apple Watch and Wear OS smartwatches. The different functions available in this device makes it in demand to customers. Most of them offer activity tracking, location tracking, and health monitoring.

The stylish appearance of the best GPS watch makes it highly wanted by kids and adults. In choosing the right smartwatch for your kids, you need to consider the following:

  • Vital signs monitoring (blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and sleep cycle)
  • Showing loved one’s location
  • Use of third party apps
  • Two way calling and sms sending for some models
  • Fitness tracking functionalities

4G / 3G Watch for Children

4G or 3G smartwatches for kids is also popular. They have amazing features making them one best tracking device choices for children. Here are some of the best features you can expect from this GPS tracker:

  • Geo fence alert system for parents and loved ones
  • IPX 6 or 8 rating for water resistant
  • Live tracking on a live map
  • SOS button for emergency responders
  • Two way calling providing you with option to choose which SIM card to use
  • Video or audio call
  • Alert system when inside vehicle. Lets you send sms or call while inside the car. These push notifications are ideal to give easy access and reminders for the child and their parents.
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android
  • Fall detection: Sending alerts to parents or guardians in case the child accidentally falls from any heights.
  • Fixed or open service contract with specific monthly fee.

Some of these 4G watches with SIM card allows you to put approved contacts for your kid to call or text. Looking at all these features, it gives peace of mind.

For you to select the right device, you need to look into their manual. It will give you a detailed idea of their features. You can also contact their customer support to ask assistance on how to use their smartwatch.

Portable GPS Tracker

Child with Jiobit app

We also have mobile GPS tracker that’s lightweight and wearable. They come in different shapes like round, triangular, or square shape wearable GPS tracker for kids and adults. You can tie them on your child’s bag and belt clip. You can also place them around their wrist or worn as a necklace.

Best example for this is the Jiobit app. It’s one of the best-selling tracking device for children. It has a weight of 0.63 ounces and long battery life lasting for one week.

Unlike smartwatches, it cannot do call or text. But it is supported by iOS and Android for its operating system and apps. Jiobit app offers two types of monthly service plan: $9 monthly fee for two years with contract and $13 per month if there’s no contract.

Smart Compass

Another GPS tracker you can have for your kids is a smart compass. The great thing about them is that they don’t rely over wi fi connection. They use Bluetooth in connecting with your smartphone for GPS tracking.

In terms of range, it has a 3 mile radius. For this range, it’s already good. But it’s not that suitable for daily use, especially for longer distances.

For its affordable price and features, it can provide precise real time tracking. It has a simple LCD display for the map and location of your kid. It’s also easy to use for children.

Why is it considered one of the best GPS trackers for your kids? Here is a summary of its benefits:

  • There is no monthly service fee
  • You remain connected seamlessly within 3 mile radius
  • Long battery life (3 days)
  • Geofence alert systeM

The drawbacks of a smart compass is its limited range. And then there is no SOS button as of the moment.

These GPS trackers are good for the outdoors. You can let your kid bring this when they are camping or fishing with friends and family.

Portable GPS Trackers for Children with disabilities

Unlike other trackers, this one is intended for children with physical disabilities. These kids need more attention since they are prone to bullying. This wearable GPS tracker is your best solution to have another eye for your kid.

There are many things to admire for this GPS tracker. First, it offers an update every 30 seconds. If your child is taking the bus, it tells the max speed of the vehicle and the estimated arrival time.

Another wonderful feature is its listen-in function. It allows you to hear his surroundings. You’d know if someone is verbally abusing your kid or not.

It also supports two way calling. You don’t have to worry that your child cannot answer your call since you can call without letting them press a button.

It’s also comfortable and easy to use for children and older kids. Price is reasonable for its function too.

GPS Tracker with Sex Offender Alerts

In the past few years, some GPS trackers now has a sex offender alert system. This gives you peace of mind knowing the challenges of the present society.

This wearable GPS device requires connection over 4G LTE. It offers seamless location tracking to monitor your child’s whereabouts. It gives you an update every five minutes.

Some of these GPS trackers offer you to store 20 safe zones near your community. This is useful so you can pinpoint which areas are safe for your children. Then the device can alert you if your child goes to that place.

Its sex offender alert system tells you the location where it’s not safe for your children because of these people. If your child crosses the boundary where there are known sex offenders, it gives you an alert message and tone.

This GPS device also has a silent mode function. It comes useful when your kid is having their classes.

Wristband Bluetooth Tracker

Here is another water resistant wearable GPS tracker for children. Instead of using the internet, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The connection is strong but has a limited range.

If your kid is just near you, then this GPS wristband is totally fine. It’s easy to set up and use. The best part is that it can sync with multiple smartphones. That means, there can be two or three people to keep an eye on your children.

There is no monthly service fee for using this GPS tracking wristband. Most moms use this to prevent their child from drowning when they are in the poolside or beach.

In terms of price, it’s reasonable at $40. For its price and function, this GPS tracker is worth it. And its battery life is decent as well.

Samsung SmartThings Tracker

This GPS device from Samsung is portable and compact. It works over a 4G LTE connection giving you timely updates of your child’s location. This is one thing you need to look for in any GPS devices.

There are four main highlights you need to know about this tracker:

  • It offers real time location tracking
  • Geofence alert system
  • SOS button
  • Long battery life of 10 days
  • It also has a side button that your child can press when they need to be picked up already.

There are also setbacks for this tracking device. First, it doesn’t support a two way call system. Its upfront cost at $120 is quite pricey already. The monthly service fee of $1.05 is reasonable for its function.

Apple Watches

Apple Watch is also the best GPS tracking device for your kids in 2022. They offer wireless connection and monitoring to give you peace of mind.

It usually has a battery life of 18 hours. It supports SOS calling to protect your child’s welfare. Most Apple Watch with location tracking ability are those that can connect over a 4G/3G LTE connection.

GPS Smartsole

We also have GPS trackers for kids that you can insert in their foot soles. It is waterproof and the device requires it to be connected to wifi. The main advantage of this GPS smartsole tracker is its discreet location and moisture resistance.

It offers precise real time location tracking over a 4G network. This is great for you to quickly monitor your child’s whereabouts and activity.

Universal Tracking Device

This GPS tracker for kids is technically placed inside the vehicle where your child mostly rides. Right out from the box, you can readily use it. It has a long battery life of 30 days. The battery is rechargeable as well.

The instruction’s manual is easy to understand. The set up process is straightforward as well. Once set up it can give real time location tracking every minute. It will be the car’s location it gives an update to you with.

In terms of range, it can take a few miles with precise location tracking. There are five tracking modules you can use for using this GPS tracking device. It works well for indoor and outdoor usage.

GPS Trackers with Weather Updates

It’s also good if your kids’ wearable tracker has some weather update function. It gives you peace of mind, especially when your child is going camping with friends or schoolmates.

Your device requires an internet connection so that it can pull data from projected weather forecasts. It allows you to plan ahead whether to let your child go outside or not.

Some of the best GPS trackers for 2022 have this function. They also allow time management by letting you schedule important meetings. Push notifications is a nice add on feature for these GPS tracking devices.

Final Words…

google maps

We understand how important it is to keep an eye on your child, so we hope to help you on this topic. You have plenty of options in the market. Choose a wearable GPS tracker that works best for your budget and need like kids smart watches.

If you have some questions, feel free to contact us today. We’d be happy to help you with any concerns regarding the best GPS trackers for your kids in 2022.

In choosing your portable GPS tracker, it’s great if they have the following features: Bluetooth connectivity to phone and resistance against shocks and water. Most of these devices have IPX8 rating for water resistance. This is good to let the tracker continue working even when submerged in water.

Some of these offer more accurate live tracking because of their antenna extension. It’s also great if you choose those with an SOS button. Your child will just directly press the SOS button in case of emergency.