Waterproof vs Water Resistant

Waterproof vs Water Resistant

As you head out to buy your kids’ next smartwatch. You may be wondering whether to buy a waterproof or water-resistant model. Both designs can protect your timepiece from getting wet. But there are some key differences between the two concepts. There is a big difference between waterproof and water-resistant watches.

Waterproof watches are designed to be submerged in water. While water-resistant watches can only withstand light moisture. For this reason, it is important to know the difference before you buy a watch. As it could mean the difference between a timepiece that lasts for years. And one that quickly becomes obsolete.

While the terms Waterproof and Water Resistant are somewhat synonymous. They are similar, but they are not identical. Below, our team will go over the differences between these two watch technologies. What they mean to you, and when you might want to buy each one.

What’s in the Article:

Waterproof watches are more expensive than water-resistant watches. These models are constructed with materials that last longer. But, if your kids are someone who gets their watch wet.

If your kids plan to use it while swimming, then it is definitely worth investing in a waterproof model. Conversely, if your kids only need a watch for everyday wear and they don’t mind if it gets a little wet. Then a water-resistant option will likely suffice.

The Key Differences

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Many people don’t know the difference between a waterproof and a water-resistant one. With all the features and different styles of watches available. It can be challenging to choose a smartwatch that’s perfect for you. One of those features you might be leaning towards is whether the watch is waterproof.

Here are some quick comparisons to consider when deciding what kind of smartwatch to buy. Based on whether it is water-resistant or waterproof.

Waterproof Smartwatch

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A waterproof watch is a watch that’s designed to be worn while swimming or diving. It is made of plastic, rubber, or silicone and has a seal around the watch casing that keeps water out. Many waterproof watches are also shock-resistant. Which means they can withstand being hit against a hard surface without breaking.

Waterproof watches come in a variety of styles. Including sporty designs that are perfect for kids who love to go outdoors. As well as dressier styles that are suitable for everyday wear. These smartwatches are also available at a range of prices. From affordable models to high-end watches that can cost several hundred dollars.

Waterproof watches have been tested and certified to withstand immersion in water. At specific depths for a certain amount of time. Most waterproof watches are designed for use during aquatic activities. These activities include swimming, diving, and other water activities. Yet, some watches can also be worn in the rain or while washing dishes.

If you are looking for a watch that your kids can wear while swimming or playing in the water. A waterproof watch is a good option.

These watches are usually made of durable materials like silicone rubber. Which makes them shock-proof and water-resistant. And they come in a variety of styles to suit your kids’ needs.

Water-Resistant Smartwatch

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A water-resistant watch is a type of watch that can resist water infiltration to a limited degree. Such watches are typically designed for everyday wear. And are not meant for rigorous use such as diving. A water-resistant watch isn’t the same as a waterproof one. You see, according to the International Organization for Standardization 7710 standard. A waterproof watch can be submerged under 1 meter of water. And kept there for an hour before suffering any damage.

A water-resistant watch, cannot withstand this amount of time underwater. But it still can resist some amount of water. Having said that, it is important to know where you can use a watch and where you can’t. Water-resistant watches have not been certified for any particular depth. Or duration of exposure to water. and should not be used for swimming or diving. They are for everyday protection against light moisture. Such as rain or accidental splashes.

This is why it’s so important to read the watch’s specifications before making a purchase. Some water-resistant watches are only meant for exposure to light moisture. Such as rain or accidental splashes, while others can be worn when washing your hands or face. Note that you should not wear a water-resistant watch while swimming. As they have not been certified for any particular depth or duration of exposure to water.

So, if you’re looking for a watch that can withstand a little bit of moisture. A water-resistant watch is a great option. Just be sure to read the specifications before making your buy to ensure that it is right for you.

Reading the Water resistance Rating

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Measurements of water resistance are often measured in ATM. The standard measurement for pressure. 1 ATM is equal to 10 meters of static water pressure. So a watch with a rating of 3 ATM can be safely worn when the wearer is 30 meters below the surface of the water.

Waterproof watches can withstand a certain amount of pressure. And are usually tested in a laboratory setting. watches with a waterproof rating of 10 ATM, for example, can be submerged in water at a depth of 100 meters. While water-resistant watches can protect against accidental splashes or rain. Waterproof watches can withstand the rigors of swimming or diving.

Water-resistant and waterproof watches differ in the amount of pressure they can withstand. Water-resistant watches are designed to protect against light rain or accidental splashes. While waterproof watches can be worn in deeper water and are more durable.

Benefits of a Waterproof Smartwatch / Water-Resistant Smartwatch

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Waterproof watches are a great investment. If your kids enjoy spending time outdoors or on the water.

They offer many benefits, including:
  • Protection against water damage. – A waterproof watch can keep your watch safe from water damage, even if it’s submerged in water. This is a great feature if you enjoy swimming, surfing, or kayaking.
  • Durability – A waterproof watch, built to be durable and withstand wear and tear. This makes it a great choice for people who are hard on their watches.
  • Convenience. – A waterproof watch is designed to withstand moisture. Kids can wear it while swimming or even during other water activities. It is a perfect choice for kids who lead active lifestyles.
  • Style. – A waterproof watch can come in many different styles. Making it a great choice for people who want a fashionable watch. That can also be worn while swimming or participating in other water activities.

A water-resistant watch is a great accessory for kids. As it can protect their watches from getting wet or damaged.

There are many benefits to using a water-resistant watch for kids, such as:
  • They can wear them swimming or playing in the rain without fear of damage.
  • The watches are durable and can withstand being dropped or hit.
  • The watches are less likely to malfunction in wet environments.
  • Kids can wear them in any weather and not have to worry about their watch getting wet or damaged.
  • The watches are easy to clean and will not harbor any mold or mildew.


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If you are in the market for a water-resistant watch for your child. We recommend opting for a waterproof model. Water-resistant watches are designed to resist moisture and splashes. But it is not guaranteed to keep the watch functioning properly if it is fully submerged in water. A waterproof watch can be worn even when swimming or playing in the rain. And this smartwatch is less likely to experience any damage.

Technically, no watch is fully waterproof. Some smartwatches are better able to handle water pressure than others. Waterproof smartwatches are still only water-resistant to a certain depth. A danger of moisture leaking into the case and getting into the movement is always present.

If you know that your kid is going to get into a lot of aquatic environments. Then a waterproof watch would be the best option for them. But, if you do not feel like the watch would be too exposed to elements for your liking. Then the best choice for them is a water-resistant watch. It is important to remember that water-resistant watches are not completely waterproof. And should not be worn when swimming or exposed to water for a long period.