VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 & DX3 Review

vtech kidizoom DX

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 & DX3 Review

vtech kidizoom DX

The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX is one of the durable smartwatch for kids in Australia. Today we will give you a review of this product.

What’s in this article:

We love to have Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX for your kids ages 4 to 12. For us it looks and functions like an adult watch, but develops for kids. This product Investigate time ideas, record movies, share pictures and take photographs everywhere. Included is a motion detector for active gaming, as well as a light that can use as a camera flash or flashlight.

built in rechargeable battery

This VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX device offers an excellent combination. Entertaining and instructive elements that will keep kids entertained for many hours.

In this topic, we will give you the best features of these products and the pros and cons.

Two models for VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX

The DX2 wristwatch by Kidizoom features two cameras, while the DX only has one. The Kidizoom smartwatch DX2 features a sleeker design than the Dx and is more rugged and durable. The Dx2’s two cameras enable your kid to capture selfies. This item is also splash and sweat proof. There is no selfie camera on the Dx.

For the new update, DX3 isn’t a one-trick dog. A little of everything comes to customize. Analogue clock faces include a Motion sensor to keep track of your steps. There’s a pedometer and games that can play with the touch screen. Some of these games play with two people. Kids can send pre-written messages using code scanning.

You can also see design tweaks including a more rounded look. And two physical buttons on the left instead of one. One of the camera has also move so that it is more centered on the watch for dx3.

In smartwatch dx2 the camera is on the left side.


proof for everyday play

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3 voice recorder that lets your kids add cool effects to their voices. And the watch comes with a lot of apps already. It’s a good thing that some 60+ customizable daily activity reminders can be set on the device. Go to bed, get home, have lunch, a timer and so on.

As before stated, the watch with two cameras can take selfies, pictures, and movies. With the help of the accompanying smartphone app. You can turn your photos into personalized watch faces. Something that wasn’t before included is an LED. That can use as a flash and flashlight besides its other functions.

Features and Details about VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

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Capture and be creative

With one touch, you can take selfies and record the action. Packed photos and videos with two cameras. These digital and analog have fun photo effects, stamps, frames. And filters that can help you be more creative. You can use the built-in LED light and flash to brighten up dark places or use it as a flashlight.

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 Game, pair, and share safely

Monster Catcher is a game that lets you find AR monsters in the real world. You can also play seven other games with the app. Scanning the code on a friend’s DX3 screen will make it safe for them to send and play games together.

 Clocks with Interesting Faces

Choose from more than 50 different digital and analog animated faces, or make your own. When their faces tapped, they come to life.

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Routines & Time Management Apps

For your kids practice everyday routines, set daily reminders such as “Ok to Wake” and “Bedtime.” Use the time applications to determine the time. You can let your kids practice telling the time, and use a timer, stopwatch, alarm, and calendar.  Child-Friendly Technology

Includes parental controls and time limitations for the game. Change to School mode to restrict the DX3. The simple, easy-to-use design fits a child’s wrist well and features a breathable strap.

Parental control

Your child might play with their watch for a long time and hurt their eyes. This doesn’t have to be a problem with the 2nd Generation Kidizoom DX. Because it comes with parental controls that you can set that can limit the time of the game.

You can decide how long your child can play games and download games

It can is set to 30, 60, 90, and a whole lot more hours a week or not at all each day.


Even if you don’t want your child to play games on it during school hours, there are ways for you to do that. You can stop games on your watch from afar.

Reasons why you want to have this smartwatch

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 Design: A stylish look with a lot of fun color choices.

Vtech kidizoom smartwatch DX3, whether it’s for a toddler or someone who is 10 years old, it looks good.

With a durable silicone rubber wristband. The main screen is square and adjusted to the user’s wrist size. Putting the buckle tongue through a hole that fits the user’s wrist size the right way.

It’s easy to set up: A few buttons and you’re ready to go right away.

Setting up the smartwatch for the first time isn’t that hard. The watch came out of the package, so we turned the power button on the back of it to the “on” setting. There is a micro-USB cable in the package to connect the watch to a computer so it can use to charge.

Educational value: It teaches how to tell time and has a lot of logic games.

This smartwatch is also a good way to learn. There are a lot of time-telling activities. Thatyou will have to help your kids to download the app learning lodge. When you tap on the clock, an owl tells the time in both analog and digital modes and tells you what time it is. Your kid can also touch the screen to hear the clock sound.

Many logic games for kids who are at least five years old and can play them. Getting a correct answer makes the challenges get more difficult over time. The parent’s guide that comes with the game. Tells you how to play logic games like “Treasure Hunt” and “Balloon Numbers digital. Which helps a kid learn how to sequence numbers, shapes, and colors.

Disadvantages of having this smartwatch

  • It doesn’t send messages, make phone calls, or use the internet or cellular to do anything. There is no SIM card slot and it does not need a cellular provider.
  • It has no GPS. Kidizoom Smartwatch DX doesn’t come with this feature, either. When your child is using it, you can’t find where they are but the quality of this smart watch is amazing.
  • Care and Maintenance: It needs to charge and backed up every few days. This smartwatch power a lithium-ion polymer battery. That is inside the watch and can’t replace. It can recharge and it can’t replace. The more you use it, the sooner it will need to charge. To save battery power, the screen turns off after a short time.

Top Reviews from Australia

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  • It’s a favorite with my daughter because it is a durable smartwatch quality. It includes a variety of clock analog watch faces, allowing her to choose the one she prefers at any moment. There are a variety of informative and fun activities to help her learn her alarm, timetables. It also has a stopwatch, calculator, spelling, and arithmetic. The camera is of excellent quality, turning her into a pet paparazzi. It fits on her wrist, and the battery lasts a long time, even though she uses it often. Review Stars: 5 out of 5
  • I was ready to buy the DX2 model for my nieces until I saw this improved version was available. The DX, DX2, and DX3 versions have almost identical costs. I haven’t had the opportunity to test them yet, but I am happy to have purchased the most recent version.Review Stars: 5 out of 5
  • My two-year-old grandson loves adores this watch, and I had no idea the age suggestion was ages 4+. , she found out how to switch on the flashlight and capture photos and videos with it and it is the touch screen. She doesn’t grasp the games yet. But she adores the blue-faced analog person in the watch, whom she refers to as Friend. And the price of this gadget is affordable and it is sweat proof.Review Stars: 4 out of 5
  • This watch has a lot of “features” for the price, and I have no complaints and the quality is amazing and she is now doing a calculator. It’s a cute little device. She did put it in the bath without my knowledge once. And it cracked, so I had to replace it – a heads up, be cautious with it near water.Review Stars: 4 out of 5

Final Words…

Based on hands on experience, we can say that we recommend the DX3 over the DX2. But both models of Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch DX are good.

It gives creativity of entertainment, activity, and educational opportunities for your kids in just one click. You can access Learning Lodge apps for downloading. From the voice recorder and picture features to the educational games and physical challenges.

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