Tobi Watch Review

Tobi Robot Smartwatch review

When the Tobi Robot smartwatch was sent to us to review, we were shocked. Why? Because it showcased how much of their design sense and imagination that the company invested in this product.

The brand’s focus on functionality yet still keeping a very appealing aesthetic makes for a super cool smartwatch that can be worn by kids or any occasion. Even if your kids wearing it just for everyday wear, you’ll appreciate how well made it is as it’s quite durable and will last a long time.

To help you with the decision on buying your kids smart watch, our team took the time to review this product for you to see if it fits the needs and likes of your child.

What’s in this article:

The future of wearable technology for kids is now, and there’s a lot to look forward to. The future of wearables is all about smartwatches And the Tobi Robot Smartwatch is the cream of the crop. It has so many amazing features that youngsters will appreciate.

Just take a look at that list! This thing is a Swiss army knife in terms of what it can do. You could use it as a voice recorder, pedometer, stopwatch, heart rate monitor and so much more.

Meet the Interactive Robot, Tobi

little tikes tobi robot smartwatch combines tikes tobi robot smartwatch fun wearable tech accessory

The Tobi smartwatch was created with kids in mind. Tobi is a playful robot, interactive animated character integrated into the smartwatch. His primary purpose is to keep kids entertained and engaged. But he can also be used for educational games and purposes. Tobi can communicate with kids through animations. And he’s able to provide feedback on games and a variety of topics. Tobi also encourages physical activity, as kids can use him to track their steps and workouts.

Tobi’s eyes and mouth change shape to show around 100 different expressions in response to how kids interact with him. He also has a sense of humor and loves to play games. Tobi is the perfect companion for kids who want to have fun and learn at the same time.

Tobi is a big talker, and he uses gibberish and word-like noises to punctuate his thoughts. He will also respond to some gestures. The user guide offers a few suggestions and little challenges for children to try on their own.

  • When you shake the watch, Tobi will be dizzy.
  • Tobi will giggle if you swipe right.
  • Tobi is annoyed by swiping left on him.
  • Feed him a treat.
  • Tap screen to make him move
  • To put Tobi in listening mode, swipe up. Say “Hi Tobi” or ask a question, and you might be surprised by the response.

How to Setup Tobi Robot Smartwatch

Tobi Robot Smartwatch playful robot built in pedometer augmented reality games

The Tobi has an easy-to-follow setup process that puts parents in control. To wake Tobi up, hold the menu button for five seconds. Select your desired language, and then enter the date and time using scrollable menus on the touchscreen. Then type a name for your device by cycling through the alphabet, numbers, and set of symbols.

Parents can set a passcode, decide whether they want to turn on Bluetooth. So the watch can connect to other Tobi 2 watches and limit their kid’s screen time. When the timer ran out, the watch will lock its games and showed Tobi’s face only when the passcode was entered.

When you finish the setup, it was time to play. You can talk with the gibberish-speaking robot on the Tobi screen. Tobi will provide icons showing activity ideas. Tobi the robot will not stop bugging you until you have been motionless for 25 seconds.

Fitness Tracking and other Fun Games

younger kids little tikes tobi robot smartwatch all the interactive features digital watch faces

The Tobi Smartwatch allows you to have fun while staying fit. It comes with a plethora of fun games and innovative functions that are designed to keep your kids engaged, motivated and active. The Tobi Smartwatch is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained and active. While also promoting healthy habits.

4 Educational games to keep your children entertained and learning.

  • Tic-Tac-Tobi: Play an old favorite game of tic-tac-toe against the Tobi.
  • Smash Math: This is a math game that lets you choose the correct answer to basic math equations.
  • A-Maze-Ing Balance will keep you on your toes! Rotate the watch carefully to match colors and clear all the balls into matching holes from the puzzle board.
  • Tobi Time: Read an analog clock display, and enter the time displayed on it into the digital clock display.

This watch also comes with a step counter and three fitness-oriented games to keep your kids active.

  • Freeze dance activity game: A fun game where everyone dances while the music plays, and then freezes in place when the music stops.
  • Tobi Says: Tobi will show you a move and count the number of times to do it.
  • Search and Seek Game: This is a game in which kids find the letter object that starts with a certain letter of the alphabet.

Prizes and Unlockables

unlock rewards unlockable decorations little tikes tobi robot smartwatch silly stickers fun sound effects

The Tobi smartwatch is a great way for kids to stay active and earn rewards. By playing interactive games, winning challenges, and staying active, children can earn stars. Stars can be used to unlock decorations to fill Tobi’s virtual room.

  • For every 10 stars you receive, you will be given one sticker.
  • For every three stickers you collect, you can earn one room sticker.
  • Tobi gets a new snack every fourth sticker your kids collect.
  • Achieving 100 stars/10 stickers will unlock a new trophy and a special animation for Tobi.

Tobi’s virtual room has a lot of empty space. Room stickers can be used to fill that space in a unique way. Tobi will come to inspect and celebrate new additions to his virtual room.

Integrated Camera

two built in cameras little tikes tobi robot smartwatch analog and digital watch tobi robot smartwatches

Tobi Robot Smartwatch has 640 x 480 Pixel Dual Cameras that can film 320 x 240 Pixel videos. It can also take selfies, and capture photos. The Tobi Robot watch has a built-in point-of-view camera and a selfie camera and has room to store up to 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video. 


Internal Storage

little tikes tobi robot smartwatch kid friendly touchscreen moving robot arms learning games

The Tobi robot smartwatch has 512 MB of Memory. Meaning you can store up to 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video. And that is sufficient enough for a kid’s smartwatch if you ask me. Connect the watch to your computer to transfer photos using the Micro USB cable included with the watch. To clear storage space on your watch, delete files directly from the smartwatch. The photos won’t be as high quality as they are on your smartwatch once they’re transferred to your computer. But they’re enough for a kid’s smartwatch.

Interaction with Other Tobi Robot Smartwatch

tobi robot smartwatch playing games film videos kids smartwatches adjustable watch band film video

If any other kids have tobi watch, you can set up a Bluetooth connection between the devices for a double-robot emoji experience. The control pairing works by Bluetooth, so two people can share things only if they’re within about 50 feet of each other. Kids can share photos or voice messages with special effects like chipmunks or robots. If your kid sends over a media file, it will disappear from a nearby friend’s Tobi Robot Smartwatch after 15 seconds.

Other Settings and Features

tobi robot smartwatch review fitness games kids smartwatch interactive dancing wireless connectivity

One of the nice things about the Tobi Robot Smartwatch is that it is pretty much set up from the factory ready to go. There are also several settings and features included on the Tobi Robot Smartwatch. Your kids can use these for their own enjoyment or improve their experience with the Tobi. Here is the list of other settings, apps, and key features that you can check on the Tobi Robot Smartwatch.

  • Photo Editor. With a variety of amusing stickers and borders, this photo editor lets you add a little humor to even the most boring photo.
  • A calendar with stickers to mark birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.
  • Video editor to rotate videos
  • Alarm clock
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Touchscreen
  • Splashproof
  • Durable
  • Long Battery Life (Built-in rechargeable battery)
  • Built-in Pedometer
  • Motion Sensor

The Settings option lets you adjust various aspects of the Smartwatch operation.

  • Brightness
  • Volume
  • Digital or analog time display
  • Date and time and the format
  • Language

What’s Included in the Box of Tobi Watch

robot smartwatch all the interactive features taking pictures two cameras more games track steps

  • Tobi Robot Smartwatch
  • Watchband
  • Stand/belt clip
  • Micro USB charging cable for charging and transferring files

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic reminds me of when I had a Tamagotchi, but it has much more options, features, and customization. My son likes this, fun to use, and has lots of functions, games, photos, an alarm clock, and a digital character named Tobi. And a house you could decorate, I used to dream about that as a kid. The Very comfy strap is like jelly sandals but softer, and I love that it comes with a case if you don’t want to wear it as a watch.
  • Wow, I didn’t expect that! It’s amazing what you can do with the watch. Our little one enjoys it so much and has it in his little fingers all the time. We sent the first watch back because he didn’t like the color. But then he got one for his birthday and I can’t imagine life without it. I would have to say that this is his favorite toy now!
  • I am really excited. My little one will be happy when he gets it for Christmas. I was afraid that it was only in English because some people wrote it in, but fortunately, that wasn’t the case and my little one gave the best. Thank you again
  • My boy wanted this smartwatch. Everything that has been said about the watch is true. He can use it to learn the clock, play mini-games. Or take photos or short videos. All very good. Unfortunately, we still don’t know how to get the pictures or videos on the PC. There are a few problems, Nonetheless, it was a great gift.
  • My son received it for Christmas and absolutely loved it. It’s very easy to use even if you can’t read. Not only does it tell the time, but there are also many different functions so you won’t get bored that quickly.


robot smartwatch tobi younger kids smart watch active play

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that promotes active participation and engagement. The Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch can serve as a fun, engaging distraction for your elementary schooler. It was designed to help kids learn how to tell time, and its many features make it a popular choice for parents. Tobi the Robot is an engaging character.

Many of his built-in activities will get kids’ brains working or get them moving in a fun and innovative way. I think that when kids want to play with Tobi the Robot rather than just play games. Parents might want to remind their children to go outside and play. But it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Based on actual experience, Tobi robot smartwatch is not a perfect product but no smartwatch is. It has some deficiencies, but I think they can be easily made up. It also lacks some features that other smartwatches have, like a GPS tracker. However, it makes up for these deficiencies with its design, functionality, and overall user experience.

I believe that the Tobi smartwatch is the best smartwatch on the market and is worth its price tag. I hope that by now you have an idea of whether the Tobi robot smartwatch is for your kids or not. It gets the job done just fine and makes a great way to light up your kids’ wrist with a ton of options at an affordable price.