Spacetalk Adventurer Smart Watch Review

Spacetalk Adventurer

Spacetalk Adventurer Smart Watch Full Review

Spacetalk Adventurer

Do you know what the Spacetalk Smartwatch is?

It’s a watch for kids made in Australia with a range of features to keep the kids secure and parents engaged.



That’s the gadget for you but if you’re considering buying your kid their first mobile phone. But then you are but are concerned about potential usage. Or if your kid is growing a bit more daring but you would still like to keep a close eye on them.



The SpaceTalk Watch Brand currently has 2 types of kids smartwatches in stock.

They are as follows:

Today we are going to review each of the available smart watch with this brand. Then we will also check the different features each watch have. If you have been searching for a good function wise – smart watch, you are at the right spot.



Here we have researched, purchased and tried on the products so we can give you a full and specific review. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about this ingenious device.

SpaceTalk Watch Overview

spacetalk smart watch up to two watches



When I first learned about the Spacetalk kids watch, I was a little skeptical. Designed as a stepping stone to a smartphone for children aged 5 to 12, you can believe I was anxious to learn more and put it to the test. You may rest certain that your children are protected even though they don’t have a mobile phone. There is no finer sensation. It’s a reality that today’s families are busy than they’ve ever been. Modifications in our schedule and classroom pick-up procedures necessitate continual communication. Specially between parents and children. SpaceTalk is a smartphone, watch, and GPS in the one that stays with your kid at all times. Stay in touch with your children by voice and SMS, and be assured that they can just send or receive contacts to the numbers you choose.



The safety and protection of young kids is of the utmost importance. In the case of emergency, SpaceTalk offers an embedded SOS mechanism. This can  be customized to summon a series of connections and local officials. Without exposure to facebook or instagram, children are less distracted. and families are less concerned.

Parents may use the AllMyTribe apps to demand a geolocation on request. See location information, create safe connections, alerts, and safe areas, among other things. To utilize the AllMyTribe program, you’ll need to pay a nominal monthly charge.



SpaceTalk was created in Australia especially Australian children. And it conforms with all necessary Australian standards. including privacy regulations, as evidenced by the regulatory badge. Have you arrived late? Are you running late for class? Are you running behind schedule? You may now rest easy knowing where your children are and that they are only a phone conversation or text away.

child's location battery life



As just a 13-year-old, I vividly recall attending a school-sponsored lecture on ‘Communication.’ My classmates and I were astounded by the speaker’s claim everyone will be carrying a cellphone within ten years. We had to beg our folks let us use the phone or locate a phone box if we needed to call each other. Sure, we’d read of the web (or seen this in American movies), but we did not even know anybody who’ve used it, much less had it at house!

Naturally, we currently live in a very different environment.

It’s strange to imagine that the youthful high school student who dismissed the highly smart phones. As well as wireless internet such far, would reflect back 20 years ago. Then find herself scarcely allowed to work or live without having both!

However, as beautiful as it is, it also provide us as parenting with issues that our own ancestors did not face. Now today, we’re faced with the dilemma of determining whether our child is old and competent enough.

Old enough  to not only acquire a cell phone, but also to use it responsibly. The list here goes on and on. The issue is that we’ve all come to believe that we’re only safe and protected if we can be reached and if someone else can reach us.

Spacetalk Kids Smart Watch Phone

spacetalk kids smart watch features

There are a bunch of more cool things you can do with this handy watch.

Choose from a digital signal watch face featuring 12 or 24-hour displays, as well as a watch with an alert. You may use many reminders and prompts to teach your children independence (this is very useful for inattentive children!).


The set-up directions were quite easy to follow, and we were able to have the wristwatch up and running as quickly as possible. This watch needs a 3G mobile service on an 850/2100 MHZ carrier, such as Telstra, Belong, or Aldi. As a result, you’ll need to buy a nano Sim card individually, which includes phone calls, text, and approx. data use is limited to 200MB per monthly.

This might be less expensive, particularly if your kid only uses it in an emergency. It’s great to not use a mobile phone and this is good alternative.

You’ll also have to install the AllMyTribe application onto your phone. Then you have to established your in-app membership. This is  after your Sim has been activated and inserted into your wristwatch. This costs $5.99 per monthly for up to two smartwatches or $8.99 per monthly for up to five watches.

Safety Zones:

You may set up ‘safe zones’ so the watch notifies you if your kid hasn’t got to school or if they leave a zone.

Send and Receive Calls:

Yes, this is a wristwatch that can make and receive phone calls! But don’t worry, it’s a well-managed wristwatch with an integrated phone. Families may use the application to pre-program the device’s contacts. This is so that your kid can only contact or text numbers that are friends on the phone. With the Spacetalk kids watch, your kid may call and get calls from people you’ve designated as safe connections. In the AllMyTribe in app subscription application, such as grandparents, relatives, and select pals. Calls from phones that aren’t on the official list are banned, and messages from unknown sources are routed through the app to your phone.

Relatives, other guardians, and anybody else who is accountable for your kid get a tick. Then while strangers get a huge no. The mobile phone operates just on 3G network. And also is designed to function in conjunction with Telstra connection. This to provide the greatest workable coverage across Australia. (And maybe internationally – check for availability of these smart watches). Get further information as you read more features here.

Send and Receive Messages:

You can send text messages to the wristwatch. which is quite useful for reminding your kid not to misplace something.  If they’re at the playground, this is a great approach to tell kids it’s time to go home because supper is ready! Worth noting: Children can receive notifications, though from people they’ve authorized. Any communication from an unknown sender is ignored. And instead delivered to your smartphone.

Steps Counter:

I wouldn’t understand about your children. but when it came to step counters, some kids are fierce competitors! They’ll plead with parents to get them one of other brand step counter, which cost $129 and just count footsteps! This machine does all that and more (and it even speaks to kids!). It has a great function button to use. With the worldwide wearable tech craze exhibiting no signs of decline anytime in the near future. It’s no surprise that our kids want to get in on action when they see us monitoring our activities. I’m all for a little healthy rivalry if it takes my kids outside but away from their iPads.

School Mode Option:

Make sure your youngster isn’t distracted at school by using the classroom mode option. Which lets you to turn off any of the various capabilities throughout school hours as to not disrupt the class.

GPS tracker allows us open access and to know wherever your child is at any given time. Your kid can then choose to give you their whereabouts. (For example, when they are at a friend’s house or classroom), and you can just use ‘location on request’ tool to find out what they’re doing right now.

You can even set up ‘safe zones’ on the SpaceTalk Watches via the application, so you’ll be notified if they go further than they need to! This function button on the smartphone app works really excellently.

Parents are naturally concerned about their children’s safety. You can rest confident that most of Spacetalk’s and the phone’s data is stored in highly secure data centers. These are in Australia, and is covered by Australian data security and privacy regulatory issues.

Stop Watch:

But what youngster doesn’t enjoy having a timer and a lap clock on their wrist?


My kid would ask me every morning, just what climate would be like. No likely as a consequence of coming of age in Sydney. Where there are seasons in one day understanding that you can’t trust the climate just by glancing out the door in the early hours! You now can watch the weather on his own!


Teaching youngsters being more important for gathering up and be ready for school on time. or going to sports on schedule, is a terrific way to use the alarm feature. However, it may also be used to remind students of things like “do not even forget to give in the school trip notice,” and etc.

Throughout the end, teaching kids to accept larger role means lessening our own mental burden! Get to work!

Prize Stars:

Award stars are a fun way to give positive feedback and let kids know they’re doing a wonderful job!


My personal favorite feature! If a child gets into difficulty, they may press the function button on sos  left side of the watch to trigger it. The wristwatch sends a notice to your smartphone. and then contacts your number immediately. What if you don’t respond? It calls everyone on your contact list till someone answers, and it may even inform police if you want it to.

For additional stability, the SpaceTalk Wristwatch has an SOS toggle. This is one that your youngster can use to engage this extremely useful function. When the button is hit, the watch will phone each one of the emergency numbers till one of them responds. If you choose, it may also be established to notify authorities.

Top Customer Reviews

  • The wristwatch is an excellent tool for us to keep track of our children and communicate with them when necessary.
  • This wristwatch is a great way to stay in touch with your child while still allowing them to be independent. Additionally, the quality is excellent. I enjoy there were no games or social access to media, and that we can choose who our contacts are. School option is also a fantastic function, and the kids like tracking their steps.

Spacetalk Adventurer Smart Watch Phone

What’s in the package, exactly?

spacetalk app subscription

It arrives with remarkably few setup parts for a wristwatch with many features. A charging station and cord are included, as well as screen wiping and a screen protector. Also a guarantee card, a getting started guide manual, and the device itself.

What features does it have?

mobile network parental control pair

The Spacetalk Watch includes all of the functions you’d like. Such as what you’d anticipate from a contemporary watch. Including the day, hour, month, and timer. You may also create alerts and customize the frequency in the app. With which they recur to fit your child’s routine.

Phone with 4G

With best protection, the built-in 4G cell device allows youngsters to send or receive talks. They can only get only from a secure contact list managed by parents. This means that your child may only take calls from those you, the parent, have allowed.

SMS and conversation

Your and the kid may communicate using the wristwatch via immediate chat or text messages, that allows users to send voice or text messages. The list is chosen by families, so you have control over the function button and who your kid may contact. Parents have the option of setting which messages and enabling or disabling free-text entry.

General Characteristics of the SpaceTalk SmartWatches

australian consumer law alert button

Owned and manufactured in Australia

Since Spacetalk was conceived and produced in Australia. (By same firm that created the Apple Watch! ), it was engineered to connect with the Telstra network. which means it has great coverage! During testing, they were able to receive reception in places where a smartphone can not. so you can rest easy knowing that your kids are protected when it counts.

Than some of the low-cost imports I’ve come across. Spacetalk was created in Australia, by either an Australian firm, for Australian families.

Children can be kids and explore to their minds’ content. Safe in the knowledge that you can call or contact them at any time. Let the magic happen to you here. Plus, if kids are harmed, in distress, or want your help when you are not available immediately. Then they may phone or inform you. It allows the kids the freedom they want while still providing you with the peace and quiet you require.

Clearly, it can’t just replace to be in the same area with them, but let’s confront it: most mothers can’t (or wouldn’t want to!) be by their children’s side 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Best in Cyber Defense and Data Security

australian consumer law alert button

One can trust the data integrity of this watch .  Since the Spacetalk Smartwatch has achieved Australian compliance requirements accreditation.

Plus, it has a 24-hour battery capacity and a magnet charging station. This way that the kids may use to charge it out every evening, fostering independence. Yeah, and also don’t worry, you won’t have to deal with those annoying  stuff. Each week, the application does it for you.

  • Tech that is encrypted
  • Excellent coverage
  • GPS
  • Step Counting, Texting, and Calls
  • Allows the child to be children without worrying about their safety.
  • Special sos alert function button

As mom and dad, we must be away from our children, especially as they grow older. And also as they attend classes. Or take part in sports, and have family activities and playdates with their peers. You didn’t have to worry as to whether or not they’re alright because of SpaceTalk. That is what makes this gadget so appealing. When you’re not with them, you may relax.

This was very useful for us when I was gone on business. I, like other parents, have had to travel a lot. And having the opportunity to monitor an app and know that children are safe at home is quite reassuring.

It isn’t simply for moms who vacation or earn away from home. It’s also helpful for daily tasks. I was going to be late bringing up my oldest from football one day. So I sent him a brief SMS to let him know I’d be there as quickly as possible. And he didn’t have to fear anything had occurred to me.

I actually felt comfortable enough this week to let the kids ride their bicycles to the playground. This is  without me following after. They can ride all around neighborhood while I kept an eye on them on my phone. The monitor doesn’t fill the role of our duty to oversee our children. But it does allow us and them some breathing room.

Yes, and it’s also waterproof and swim proof, so that you can use it in the shower.

The SpaceTalk device comes with a magnet charger that attaches to the rear of the clock face with ease. The battery capacity is around 24 hours. (But it can be longer if the GPS readings are set less regularly). But it’s definitely preferable to get inside the practice of charging it every evening. You can also program the application to notify you to recharge it at a specific time every night. This is something which really is great for busy families and lazy kids!

Mum-approved and kid-approved

similar watches wi fi

The Spacetalk captivated the boys as well. It was just as it was a new device to toy with, examine, and double-check every 2 seconds initially. The timepieces, but, have become a piece of them.

For them, Spacetalk functions almost as a guard rail, particularly for my smallest. Who has suffered with distance from me since beginning school this year. Realizing he can reach me with a single click is quite comforting for him. And to be truthful, he has not yet used it nearly as frequently as I would have thought.

He contacted me during the first day of recess to seek a playdate. And another occasion to double-check that I was going to be picking him up from the class. But it’s nothing in a tiny simulated psyche when it offers him comfort. He’s aware that each call ’s expensive, and that’s the first two times he’s phoned. He’s aware of its presence and will make use of those when and if required.

Today, you can gain exclusive discounts if you go and check their site. Even if you’re not together, you may stay in touch. Purchase a Spacetalk smartwatch for your child!

The Final Word

dont understand smartphones touch screen

To really be frank, the prospect of sending my children out to play. (Till the lights turn on…as we used to do back in a day.) For hours at a time without knowing were they are and how to reach them makes me nervous. So, how do we cope with and encourage our children in becoming more self-reliant?

We definitely recommend the Spacetalk kids smart watch phone as it has great features that your kid will enjoy. It is budget friendly, design-savvy and is on discount offer.

In my experience, this smart watch has been a huge shift for all of us, and it’s just strengthened our bond even more. And then there are those heart-warming times when they text you during their classroom lunch break. Or they text you from their room to tell you how much they adore you!

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