Pixbee Watch Review

kids 4g video smart watch that can receive phone calls

Pixbee is an innovative, secure, and simple method for parents and children to communicate. Your family members may use Pixbee to send and take calls. As well as do videoconferencing, voice chat, and text messages.

There are 2 types of kid smartwatches available from the brand right now. They are listed here below:

Today, we’ll look through each of the Pixbee smart watches that are now available. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a nice smart watch with a lot of features. We have researched, bought, and tried on the items to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed evaluation. Read more to learn all you need to know about this brand.

Pixbee Kids 4G Video Smart Watch

Pixbee kids prides itself with a no built-in contract. So all you have to do is buy a nano sim and you won’t have to think about monthly usage fees. Parents are more connected to the kids thanks to the aspects of this watch.

To Setup the watch, simply insert suitable 3 or 4G Nano SIM card and installing the (free) Pixbee software. Which is accessible on both iOS and android, was all it took to get the watch up and running.

4g video smart watchkids 4g video smart review

The Pixbee Kids 4G Video Smart Watch includes a slew of unique features that set it distinct from other children’s smart watches.

Whilst watch can clearly be used to tell the time, it also allows individuals to make and receive phone calls and video calls. As well as voice chats and texts, and only to and from pre approved contacts.

Pixbee features wifi, video and voice calls. The Pixbee App allows you the find the location of your kid remotely. This is due to its built in camera that is supportive of a 2 way video calling and voice chat.

GPS Tracking Setting

This smart watch has GPS tracking and helps you see your kids whereabouts thanks to the Pixbee App. User location data is also easy thank to the geofence setting provided by Pixbee kids 4g video watch with gps tracking.

Remote Capture Ability

Let yourself take an instant photo snap using the camera built in the smart watch remotely using the Pixbee app.

Parental Control Functions

Pixbee kids has voice messages access to keep you and your kids connected. Incoming unknown phone calls and messages can be barred through the Pixbee app. smart parental control provide great help . Your children can only message pre approved contacts so this gives you a better control on who they contact.

Remote Shutdown Protection

Shutdown/Restart/Lock/Deactivate Video of Pixbee 4g kids watch remotely via the Pixbee App to disable it if accidentally lost.

Zero Social Media Access

Internet access is barred and there is no social media availability. Keep your child protected from any cyberbullying through this smart watch.

Lost Mode and Last Location setting

Once your pixbee smart watch is misplaced. Or if you accidently lose it, you can easily utilize the Pixbee App and it will notify of its last location via the 4g or Wi fi network.

Classroom Option Settings

Pixbee’s classroom mode is helpful and gives you more assurance that your child is focused on his school hours. The classroom mode helps your kids stay away from unnecessary distractions. It then makes school time more efficient.


Why you’ll want a Pixbee Kids 4G Watch

kids 4g video smart watch for video calls and chat functions

  • Free pixbee app with no locked in contract, just by a nano sim that’s a 4g compatible network provider. You don’t need to worry about any monthly usage fees too.
  • All user location data stored in a server, that’s a secure australian aws servers.
  • Keeping you kids location tracking easy with safe zones.
  • Keeps your child safe thanks to the 2 way messaging access and voice calls and video calls features.

You can purchase this 4g video smart watch with gps tracking for the right price. It is now being offered on sale and is one of the premium smartwatches for kids out there. As compared to other smart watches out there, this one is a good item. It has lots of features and functions well.

Pixbee Fit Smart Activity Watch for Kids

voice messages location tracking

Pixbee Fit is a feature packed kids smart activity watch. It comes with a durable construction for improved durability and 16 sports settings.

This smart watch is assisting children in developing healthy habits. It also helps them go and lead active lives.

Top Customer Reviews

  • This adorable new watch is a delight with my kid. I also like how simple it is to use the app.
  • There are no difficulties. I also believe Pixbee did the right thing by not charging to just use the app since raising children already costs a lot of money.
  • It was simple to set up. The fact that there are no monthly fees attracted me to purchase, which is a significant financial benefit.

Features of the Pixbee Fit Smart Watch

Pixbee Fit is a fun way for kids to keep active. It does this by encouraging them to explore new activities and play more.

Jampacked Sports Modes

Pixbee Fit offers 16 sports options. These sports modes allow youngsters to track and assess their development.

Heart Rate Check

The smart watch comes with a heart rate watch. This will assists kids in learning about their heart health. It will also teach them the importance of keeping an active lifestyle.

Alarms and Prompts

Their customisable alarms and prompts settings is great. This way your kid can use their daily activities better. They can also check their schedules better. It teaches them a sense of planning and goal setting.

Hygiene Notes and Reminders

The reminders in the smart watch helps your kids build healthy habits. This way they can be reminded to wash their hands and be more healthy whilst staying fit.

Steps Tracker

Yes pedometer in the watch is built to count steps while walking. This step counter is good to motivate kids to stay fit by targeting their step goals through this.

Anti-bacterial Smart Watch Strap

This is a very unique and appealing feature from this smart watch. You will be assured that your kids have a lower risk to getting and spreading germs.

Sharing of Fitness Platforms

Pixbee Fitness activity data may be shared. You can share this with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Strava.

Medals that are virtual

Kids like being recognized for good effort all the time. and the smart watch’s activity medals will keep them motivated and focused on their goals.

Why you’ll want a Pixbee Fit

block unknown or specific contacts

Aside from the featured above, there’s more.

Rewards and Incentives: Ingrained Activity Challenges keep kids motivated and goal-oriented. The smart watch does this by awarding virtual badges for achieving specific objectives.

Battery life capacity: The battery life is long and it is great for active kids to wear all the time. This makes their activity less distracted. So you can always ensure that they will be enjoying their watch and its features longer.

Pixbee Fit makes positive habits entertaining by emphasizing movement, cleanliness, and sleep habits.

Final Words…

network compatibility and internal memory

For years to come, this brand makes smart watches that are useful and user-friendly.

If you’re looking for a smart watch that has a lot of features. Based on experience and analysis, we recommend the Pixbee Kids 4G Smart Watch the most. Alongside 4G video chatting and GPS tracking.

You can snap images using the watch’s built-in lens. And – most of all, in our opinion – there’s no internet connection, that also means they’re social media-free. These are for kids who want to take use of the entire range of functions.

For more information about kids smart watches, read our guides.