KidsOclock Review

Kidsoclock Review

There are so many great smartwatches to choose from right now. But based on our research, the best one is the Kidsoclock.

This is based on our actual review of the physical product and some research on other buyers’ feedbacks as well.

Kidsoclock Variants Available:

  1. Pink
  2. Blue
  3. Black

Why? Briefly, the 4G-enabled Kidsoclock watch quality has a high-definition camera. And it is easy for you to have a video call with your kids and keep it stable.

To know more about how fast is 4G check our review.

It comes with a food grade silicon strap to protect your kids soft skin from scratch . It also has a vibration sensor and a beautiful 2.5-D curved glass that looks great. Kidsoclock is the best smartwatch in Australia.

If you want to know more about the Kidsoclock smart watch . Continue reading this article. We have listed the best features and benefits of having one below.

The Benefits of having a Kidsoclock Smart Watch

4g watch that is the slimmest one in Australia.

Kidsoclock is only 15.2 millimeters thick, which makes it the slimmest watch. It has a unique design that makes it stand out from other smartwatches.

good job guys

Free Android and iOS apps that you can use.

If you want to keep your kids safe, you wouldn’t have to spend cash on frustrating app expenses. It doesn’t cost anything to use Kidsoclock apps, and there are no fees for either a month or a year. This could save you money on your bills.

Kidsoclock GL20 also comes with a free sim card for all Australian customers.
kidsoclock smart watch app

Types of Security Cloud storage from AWS “Cloud Storage.”

For parents’ app authentication to work. Kidsoclock GL20 has three layers of security, making sure that your child’s data is 100% safe.

kidsoclock smart watch security

With fun camera filters

Kids love to use camera filters, and you know that. They can use it to take and share pictures and to capture precious moments.

Group Chat and One-on-One Chat

Kids can talk to each other in a family group. The GL20 can send support audio messages, text, and a lot of emojis, too.

kids smart gps tracking

When they are not present, monitoring carries out.

This app lets you keep an eye on your kids from afar. You can hear what is going on around kids and also take pictures from afar to make sure your kids are safe.

4G Phone Calls for Reliable People

This mobile app makes it easy for you to set up a contact list of people you already know. Kidsoclock only allows calls to people you have approved.

Video Calls

To have a smooth and stable video call with your kids, you need a Kidsoclock watch that has 4G and an HD camera. An all-new 2MP camera.

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It has a built-in flashlight. The watch is safe from water and dust because it has an IP67 rating. Much more battery life, with up to two days of sleep mode.

A precise GPS tracker.

To make sure your kids are safe, you can use the Kidsoclock GPS location feature to keep you track of where they are and location GPS.

As your kids are moving around, the app of Kidsoclock will show you where they are right now on the map accurate real time location

To get help, your kids can press the SOS emergency button.

Kids can press “SOS” on their watch when they need help. It will call you and let you know what is going on.

Battery power.

All Kidsoclock’s smartwatches have the best battery life that can be found on the market.

Using software that makes it easier to save battery power. You can get longer standby times and better performance.

Geo-fencing set

When your kids step out to play, set up a safe area for them. A text message will be sent to you if the kids leave the safe zone. You can also set up the location of your home and school so that you can get an alert when your kids leave the zone. You can also capture photos remotely and can speed dial you when there are emergency kids.


The IP67 water and dust resistant technology on the Kidsoclock GL20 smartwatch. This means that kids can wear their watch in the water without worrying about it getting wet or dirty.

It has an alarm clock and a stopwatch.

The Kidsoclock alarm clock lets them do that. To make sure your kids don’t forget anything, set up reminders for kids miss all the important events. It gives your kids a chance to be responsible.


As long as you have the Kidsoclock step counter. You can now keep track of your child’s activity and movement during the day. Make goals for your kids in the app, too.

Class room mode.

You don’t want your kids to be distracted by their watches while they’re in class, do you? In the mobile app, you can set a mode time duration for your kids not to be disturb when class room mode is on.

The HD camera ensures has a lot of space.

The new Kidsoclock GL20 has 5X more Mega Pixels. Your kids can now take pictures with a high-definition camera and keep your memories safe.

Is it safe to buy products like this online?

It is 100% safe for you to buy things online at the Kidsoclock online store. The website is safe because it has an SSL Certificate that encrypts it.

The website encrypts all your personal information, such as your name and address. This means that no one can get their hands on this information. PayPal is the payment method they use, which is 100% safe.

Top Customer Reviews of Kidsoclock

kid safe in this new mini smartphone

  1. These great watches create in Australia and have a lot of great features. Like 3 layers of security that make sure your child’s data is safe at all times. No one can get into your data without us. It has apps like a step counter, a group chat, and a magic cam.
  2. It’s my daughter’s birthday gift, that doesn’t have any dangers from social media. It lets you control the watch and see where your kids are using GPS, so you can keep an eye on them. You can make video and voice calls to stay in touch with your kids.Because I use Precise GPS Location to track her whereabouts with Kidsoclock’s app. I love that I can control the watch and keep an eye on her. And it is like a cute kids mobile phoneabsolutely loved the new watch
  3. Kidsoclock GL20 is a new model and a great watch. There were some more expensive watches that I looked at when I was looking for a watch for my daughter. This one is way better than any of the themes because of its smart and unique design! If you are a parent, I have also told you about this watch. This is also great for a birthday gift or a Christmas present. Both my kids love this smart watch because they also have an extra strap available.
  4. There is a lot we like about the KidsOClock watch. It works well, is easy to use, and has a long battery life at this point and audio quality. Because we bought it, we’re happy with it a great quality watch especially school going kids.
  5. I’m so in love with the kidsoclock for kids. I didn’t want to buy my 10-year-old a cell phone, so this is perfect. I can keep in touch with him when I pick him up from school. For example, if I’m running late, I can have a video call him. During school hours, I can turn off the watch so only emergency calls. It has a school mode, so I can do this.

Final Words…

Overall, based on our experience, we recommend Kidsoclock as one of the the best choice for your kids. The combination of form and function works best for your budget.

They don’t offer style and display, but they help you assure that your kid is safe even if you are not on their side. They have excellent customer service helped whenever you have some problems.

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