Imoo Watch Review

imoo watch review

Who would have thought that video calls and smart watches would come to life? Looking back to the 1980s, we can only see smart watches on television. But now, we are already living with many modern gadgets that have made our lives easier.

Imoo Watches featured in this article:

Today, I’m going to compare two Imoo watches that are in demand in the market. These are Imoo watch Z1 4G and Imoo watch Z6 4G. Both watches are amazing with their modern features such as video calls, child’s location, and more.

There are many smartwatches available today. The hundreds of options will confuse you, especially if you’re new to this gadget and the brand. With our experience in the watch industry, we want to share with you our knowledge about the Imoo watch. If you want to know more about which one is the best choice for you, keep reading to learn more.

What is Imoo Watch?

Imoo watch

Imoo originated from the love of a father towards his child. It was in 2012 when Mr. Kimi want to find something that would satisfy his child’s expectations. With so many things to buy, he couldn’t find an item that can satisfy the need of his kid.

Considering he’s an Electrical Engineer, he decided to create his own product for his kid. This is where Imoo came to life. Mr. Kimi and his colleagues worked together in creating beautiful smart watches for kids.

It was in the same year that Imoo was established. With years of research and dedication, they were able to improve their kid smart watch. Now, it is equipped with high-tech features that works similarly like a smartphone.

Is Imoo Watch Z6 is better?

Imoo watch phone z6

When it comes to overall quality and features, I would say, without a bias, Imoo Watch Z6 is a better choice. Why’s that so?

Imoo watch phone Z6 is like an Android phone in a smartwatch. Its smartphone features are a great improvement over its older version Imoo watch Z1.

The first feature you will admire from Imoo watch phone Z6 is its two-way video calls. A smartwatch that has this function makes it worthwhile for your children to have one. It also has a two way phone call. That said, your child can answer or reject calls when they don’t know the number calling them.

Imoo watch Z6 has more functions other than the one I mentioned. We’re going to go over them as we move forward in the article.

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What about Imoo Watch Phone Z1?

imoo watch phone z1

Even though Imoo watch phone Z6 is a more modern option, there are still benefits to having its older version Z1. What is it known for?

Imoo watch Z1 is known for its long battery life. Even if you video calls for one to three hours, Z1 will still have a battery life after that.

Another feature to admire from Imoo watch Z1 is its location tracking function. You can accurately track your child’s location in real-time using this smart watch.

Do you know what other capabilities these Imoo smart watches has for your children? You can find out more as you read through the article.

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Comparison of Key Features

Video Calls

Imoo watch Z1 has a 2Mp camera that lets you video call. Its wide-view camera is capable of letting you see the surrounding of your child during the call.

In contrast, Imoo watch phone z6 also allows you to video call. The best part is its two-way video call. Your child can answer or reject calls on his wrist. Video call is one of the best features of a smartwatch.

As parents, it gives you peace of mind when you see your child’s face during the call. If the camera is wide angle, you can also see the surrounding where he is at. This works best with their location tracking abilities.


These watches both have cameras. The Z1 model has a single 2MP rear camera. The Z6 model has rear dual camera. 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera. That said, Z6 is a winner for this criterion.

Dual cameras is a trend to all smartwatch. This is good for both security and leisure purposes. Right now, these wearable OS are competing with smartphones. But many wants to have this wearable as an extension of their smartphone.

Chat with Family and Friends

Both Imoo watches have the Family Chat function through the Imoo App. You can use the app to sync with your smartphone and get the contact details of your loved ones.

Using the Imoo app, your child can easily send you a message on their wrist. Keeping in touch all the time is important for parents in making sure their children are safe.

Children can also socialize with their friends using the Family Chat. They can add each other’s contact details and start messaging. This is a good feature for collaboration with children in their school work.

GPS Tracking

The Imoo app is present for both smart watches. It has a built-in location tracker that helps locate your child in real-time.

To use the location feature, you need to click navigation and enable the GPS tracker. While your child is wearing it, the app can also monitor your child’s movement.

The Imoo Smartwatch App

Both models have this app that makes it multi-functional. Using the app, you can add contacts into the Family Chat, use the two way phone calls, and the tracking ability of the watch.

It also serves like a companion app through its Family Chat. You can sync the contact details of your smartphone to the watch. Instruct your child that these are the contact numbers of the family members whom they can message if they need anything.

It also lets you download some features like:

  • Shake and Race
  • Daily work schedule
  • Stop timer function

Class Mode

During school hours, your child can activate the class mode. You can also set the day and time for the class mode to automatically kick in.

By having this function, your active kids can concentrate more at school. If we compare the two watches, Imoo watches phone z6 has the functionality for an urgent call. Even during the class mode, if it’s an emergency call, it will notify your child.

If it’s normal calls, your child won’t get notifications if the class mode is turned on. Only urgent calls are allowed to pass through the class mode. This is an amazing function that many parents admired in this watch.

Durable for Active Kids

In terms of durability, both watch models are good. But the one with a better advantage is the Z6 model. It has a sapphire crystal and anti-fingerprint coating that reinforces its sturdiness against shocks and scratches.

Both watches use Gorilla Glass which is a known screen protector. This glass is also used in mobile phones since it has reliable scratch resistance.

Charging and Battery Life

Z1 has a long battery life of two years and it’s rechargeable. The same thing goes for the Z6. The main difference will be on their charging mechanism. Z6 has a USB-A cable with a magnetic connector that will stick to the back side of the watch during charging.

The charging mechanism of these two are almost similar with each other. But the Z6 charges faster. You can see the battery level of the watch at its screen.

In terms of battery life, the Z6 watch can last up to two straight days with extensive use. That is using WiFi and all other features of the watch. This impressive battery life is due to its 680 mAh battery.

Z6 also has a fast charging system. Getting it to full battery will only take two hours. Unlike, the Z1, it will take around three to four hours to get full.

The setback for both watch models, you can’t see their battery level without connecting their chargers. Still, it doesn’t entirely compromise the overall functionality of these watches.

Nano Sim Card

The Z1 and Z6 models both have a nano sim card slot. That means you can save phone numbers on your wearable. It is easy to set up the sim card of your watch. Its Imoo app will guide you through it.

Watch Design

Z1 has a simpler design than Z6 watch. Let’s go first with the design of Z1. Right out from the box, the Z1 watch has a rugged look but sturdy.

The main body is made from hard plastic. It has a faux leather strap that’s comfortable to the wrist. Some stores sell Z1 with a screen protector already.

Z6 watch comes in two colors – green and purple. They have a limited edition having the spiderman design. It has a breathable black strap.

Overall, the looks of Z6 is more modern than Z1. Still, that depends on your preference. If you want a simple modern look, then Z1 is good for you. You can go for Z6 if you want something fancier.

Screen Display

In terms of screen display, Z6 is a winner because of its AMOLED screen. Z1 has the LCD screen display, which is still good.

The main advantage of an AMOLED screen display are the following:

  • It is more energy-efficient than LCDs.
  • AMOLED displays higher resolution than LCD without consuming more power.
  • It responds faster than LCD.

The screen resolution of Z1 is 240×240 pixel while Z6 uses 320×360 pixel. In terms of overall user experience, Z6 provides a smoother display for kids.

Operating System

The Z1 smartwatch has a basic micro operating system. This is the standard brain used for most wearable OS. In contrast, Z6 uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 chipset. This is an updated processor for most wearables. You can pair this with an 8 GB built-in storage and a 512 RAM, everything will be fast for your Z6 watch.

Set-up Process

Setting up the operating system and app of these watches is simple. The Imoo app is compatible both for Android and iOS. Below are the steps you need to take to set up the watch:

  1. Download the Imoo app
  2. Scan the QR code displayed on the screen
  3. After scanning and completing the set up process, you can now use it.
  4. You can also insert your nano simcard to your watch.
  5. After that, you can save all contact numbers into the sim card.

Security Guard

Your kids can explore anything online. They can do that using their 4G WiFi-ready kids smartwatch. Because you want to protect your child’s innocence, most smartwatches have a built security guard for filtering contents on the web.

This function is present for Imoo kids smartwatches. You can see that in their Imoo App. You can set the filters of those websites you don’t want your kids to go to. That way, they will be blocked on their device.

Companion Apps

The Imoo app of these kids smartwatches are friendly for kids. It has a built-in language translator that helps your child understand foreign languages.

This built-in app also has fitness tracker, location tracking function, and movement sensor. This is a useful function for parents who wants to ensure the security of their children.

Swimming or Water Resistance

The Z6 watch has a better water resistance than the Z1. You can use this even when swimming.

Z1 model was a water resistance rating of IPX8. That means, your watch can resist water up to 20 meters. You won’t have to worry if your active kids will be swimming or playing with water even they are wearing their watches.

To know more about the difference between water resistance and waterproof check this out.

Fitness Tracking

Both watches have an automatic step counter. This lets you and your child monitor their activity. You can tell them to get a specific number of steps daily and you will give them a reward for it. That can be a good motivation for them to stay fit.

Z1 vs Z6 Imoo Smartwatch: Who is the winner?

anti fingerprint coating makes

If we talk about functionality, no doubt, the winner is Imoo Z6 smartwatch. True, it comes at a higher price than Z1, which is reasonable for all the updates of its features.

Buying a watch for your kid doesn’t happen every year. If you like to invest in a watch that can last long, you can opt for higher quality, which comes at a higher price.

Both watches are durable and expected to last long. But Z6 has an improved body and screen protector making it more resistant against shocks and water.

If you want an upgrade for your standard watch, you can go for Z6. But if you want to settle for a standard choice, the Z1 fits the bill.

When buying a kids smartwatch, make sure to weigh the price and quality. If price difference is not too large for better functions, you can go for a higher model.

Invest in quality smartwatch for your child’s security

Based on experience Imoo has been a reliable watch brand in terms of use case. For years, the brand have managed to effectively improve the quality of their kids smartwatch at a reasonable price. Compread to other brands, you’ll be paying more to get the same quality.

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For any questions or ranking about the best kids smartwatches, feel free to browse the contents of our blog.