How Much is a Smart Watch for Kids?

smart watches for kids

The best smartwatches are not just for adults, your kids can use them too! Smart watches for kids has advanced features that help your kids go through each day. Whether camera accessories or their media streaming players, the right smart watch would be essential for them.

So, do you know the prices of different smart watch models today? If you’re shopping for kids smart watch, then you’re in the right spot.

We’re featuring in this article the various prices of smart watches in the market. If you have any questions, feel free to comment in the last section of the article.

What’s the average price of smart watch?

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The more high tech your wearable is, the higher is its price. But so far, the average price of a smart watch is between $300 to $400. This is for a decent one that is of mid level quality.

If you go for cheaper ones, their price can start from $30 to $100. This lets you view time and measure some health statistics. But you cannot expect too much from them since quality is relative to price.

The more expensive watches start from $500. If you these types, you can expect more advanced features like messaging and calls. It also allows third party apps to run on your smart watch.

If we categorise them to prices, we can tell that watches under $500 can be an affordable choice among most buyers. But not all of course would be willing to spend $500 on smart watch. Some are also contented to have those $100 and below for their kids.

That said, it’s a personal choice whether you are willing to buy those smart watches at $200 to $500. In this article, we’re going to talk more about those under $500, yet we’ll also be touching on some of those that are higher than this price tag.

Affordable smart watches

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Are you on a budget for finding the best smartwatches for your children? You can find many of them in online and physical stores. There are different models of smart watches you can find under this $500. Let’s get to know some of them.

How much are Garmin Smartwatches?

If you like Garmin, then we can share some affordable smart watches for this brand under $500. The price ranges from $399 to $289. The top three Garmin smartwatches that fit this price are Garmin Forerunner 245, Garmin Venu SQ, and Garmin Instinct Solar.

These wearables have amazing features that foster good health and help parents monitor their kids. Let’s look at some of their notable features:

Solid engineering

Most of these fitness trackers and smart watches are built from strong fibre polymers like Corning Gorilla glass. They have incredible scratch and shock resistance.

Come in Bold Colors

The common colors of Garmin smart watches are dark. But you can find many of them now in bold colours. This can be blue, yellow, red, green, and white. Vibrant tones are most suitable for children so that they are visible and exciting to look at.

Improved Battery Life

The battery life of a fitness tracker or smart watch depends on its model. Some base models last for a day or a week. For newer models with solar charging, they can now last for 10 to 16 days.

Activity tracking

This usually measures the number of steps you take daily. Whether you’re walking, running, or taking the stairs, it will record them. Some modern smart watch models, they can track different activities done by your kids. This can be swimming, hiking, trekking, or sleeping.

Location Tracking Feature

One of the best features admired by parents about smart watches is their location tracking ability. Garmin and other models have multiple global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) for tracking the location of your kid.

Some of these GNSS feature are Galileo, GPS, and GLONASS. Each has its respective limitations and benefits. You need to check the product info of the smart watch to know more about it.

Vital Sign Monitoring

We understand how your children can be messy and playful most of the time, right? They’re just being kids, and we feel them. But then, you can do something to monitor their health. Giving them an affordable smart watch with fitness tracking is one way.

The health tracking features of Garmin is reliable. This includes sleep tracking, oxygen saturation, and stress level.

How much are Fitbit watches?

Among the many Fitbit fitness trackers, the Fitbit Versa 2 Smart Fitness Watch is the one that fits this category. It’s priced at $199.

Before you start considering this, let’s first know some of its features.

24-hour fitness tracking

This wearable technology is engineered to track your activities about a day. For the price, that makes it more than worthwhile. Your kid can use this watch can help them monitor their health activities and assist them in achieving their fitness goals.

Breathing guide

Incredibly, this watch model also has a guided breathing feature. There is a 2 or 5-minute guided breathing exercise you can use for this Fitbit tracker.

50-m Water Resistance

This Fitbit tracker can submerge under 50 meters before it gets broken. That is ideal, but we don’t recommend that you do that. Having a smart watch with high water resistance is good for the outdoor. That’s the main premise of having this feature.

Track heart rate

Most Fitbit devices including Fitbit Versa 2 offer the heart rate tracking feature. This is good if you’re monitoring your calories and heartbeat.

Even when your child is healthy, having this wearable technology is beneficial. It gives you peace of mind.

For adults having cardio fitness goals, this device can truly help you. You can edit the Cardio Fitness goals of this watch.

Fun Clock Faces

Fitbit is also popular for having exciting clock faces. You can easily swap them daily choosing one you like for the week. If you’re the kind who likes to frequently have a unique appearance of their watch, then this is a good choice.

Amazon Alexa-enabled

Amazon Alexa is a voice assistant AI that helps the user find things online. It can be finding an app or anything online that can be used by your smart watch. Otherwise, you just want to play some music or search for something online, and then you’ll use Alexa to help you.

Sleep tracker

This is one of the great fitness features you would admire from Fitbit. You can also find them in other smart watches, yet for a price under 500, this one you can consider.

The sleep tracking feature of this watch enables you to track the following: sleep time, REM sleep, heart rate, and sleep-wake cycle.

Always on display

This feature allows you to quickly check on your stats and fitness goals. It may use more battery, yet for its purpose, that’s fine. No worries as many smart watches have improved battery life.

The screen size also impacts the amount of battery used up for its display. The screen size of Fitbit Versa 2 is 1.34 inches and its battery life is 5 days. For the price, that’s not bad.

Fitbit Pay

You can sync your credit card or debit card to the Fitbit pay app. This allows you to quickly pay for any purchases using your smart watch.

Compatible with many platforms

Fitbit isn’t picky when it comes to pairing with other third party apps and Google services. This makes it practically useful for users. It can pair and work with both iOS and Android devices.

It has a Fitbit dashboard where you can see all stats and activities. New releases have improved functionality that makes them user-friendly and accessible.

How much are Apple Watch Series?

Are you an avid fan of the Apple watch series? In that case, this will be beneficial as we are going to share some of the best features of those affordable Apple watch series under $500.

What can an Apple watch do for you?

Like any other wearables, this brand has a lot to offer. Well, their price is higher than other brands, and this is the main setback in the market.

Here is a summary of their features:

  • GPS tracker
  • Voice commands to Siri
  • Provide the notification for messages
  • Monitoring of heart rate
  • Shows the blood oxygen level and ECG
  • Tracks your physical activities
  • Navigation on the map
  • Displays time, tickets, and boarding passes

Apple Watches Between $299 to $350

For a price under $350, you get stunning features from them. Some of the key features of this Apple Watch SE are the following:

  • GPS tracking
  • Retina display
  • Water resistance for swimming
  • Altimeter
  • Emergency SOS
  • Optical heart sensor
  • S3 chip with built-in dual core processor
  • Aluminium case space gray in color

Just to name a few of these Apple watch series under this price are Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watches under $500

Most Apple Watch SE is under $500 and they have amazing features. They have sporty bands and aluminium case for modern looks and protection from moisture.

Now, let’s discuss the essential features of this smart watch for under $500:

  • It has a built-in compass to tell direction and read elevation on real-time basis.
  • You can send emergency SOS using it.
  • The watch OS 7 do many things like customising watch faces, and tracking sleep, and activities. You can also update Siri here.
  • Its recycled aluminium case makes it a green product.
  • It has a processor that is two times faster than Series 3.
  • It has a wide OLED display.

The Apple watch SE is within this price tag. This is approximately $400 cheaper than the latest Apple Watch Series 7. The latter is more expensive due to its larger screen and faster charging system.

Here are some of these Apple watches under $500:

  • Apple Watch SE 44mm Gold Aluminium Case + GPS
  • Apple Watch SE 40mm Gold Aluminium Case

If you look deeper into the two smart watches mentioned on top, their highlight features are:

  • It has a GPS system that lets you call and text.
  • The wide OLED display is a good upgrade.
  • Its processor is two times faster than Apple Watch Series 3.

How much is Apple Watch Series 7?

The price of the Apple Watch Series 7 is between $1069 to $1139. This is the latest model from Apple. There are three highlights for this smart watch:

  • It has a wider screen display than Series 6. The Retina display screen is also always on display.
  • It has the IP6X water resistance. It has the highest crack resistance on all Apple watches.
  • It can now measure blood oxygen level and its sensors are more accurate than before.

How much is Apple Watch Series 6?

The price of Apple Watch Series 6 is around $399. It may appear that the upgrades in Series 6 is not that noticeable than Series 5. But those little upgrades make it more functional than Series 5.

However, the creation of Series 7 makes Series 6 outdated. This makes it a not-so-suitable choice, that’s why most people go for the Series 7 right away.

How much are Huawei Smart watches?

Huawei is one of the close competitors of Apple in the market. They have also entered the arena of smart watches, and are making good results with their sales.

In terms of price, they are cheaper than Apple. For a starting price of $100, you get a good Huawei smart watch that lets you track your heart rate while letting you stay connected with friends.

Here are the general features of Huawei smart watches under $500:

  • Clear and wide AMOLED display
  • Different watch faces for you to choose from in their store
  • They offer longer battery life at an average of ten days.
  • They also offer health tracking features like measuring your blood oxygen level and heart rate.
  • Most of them have built-in workout modes for you to choose from. You can also customise your activities depending on your preference.
  • They have the Huawei TruRelax technology that lets you send text messages and calls on your wrist.
  • It also has a feature that helps women monitor their ovulate periods.
  • You can set reminder for certain calendar dates that are important to you.

What are examples of those Huawei smart watches under $500?

  • Huawei Watch Fit
  • Huawei GT2e Sport Smart Watch
  • Huawei GT2 Sport Smart Watch
  • Huawei GT3 Classic 46mm
  • Huawei GT Runner
  • Huawei GT2e Active Smart Watch

These are just examples of those smart watches under $500. These devices help you handle daily tasks starting from communication, workout, and in monitoring your location.

How much are Samsung smart watches?

The usual starting price of Samsung Galaxy watches is $170. But it can go higher than $500 for those newer models. Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic is one of the popular ones in the market. It’s priced at $599 while some stores give a discount offer at $499.

So, is it worth it to buy a Samsug Galaxy watch? Here are the features of this smart watch:

  • It has an effective Wear OS that lets you sync with other Samsung devices. It can also pair with devices that are compatible with Android.
  • You can sync third party apps with Samsung Wear OS.
  • It has an accurate sleep tracking mechanism.
  • Lets you track your steps and have a friendly competition with friends.
  • Its workout tracker can track 90 exercises and you can customise them.
  • It helps you understand your body’s composition. It measures the percentage of fat, muscle, and skeleton on your body.

What are Samsung Galaxy watches that are higher than $500?

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch5 are those that are higher than $500. Watch5 has more improved features than Watch4. The former has a better wireless interface, battery life, and processing speed. And then the rest of the features, are almost the same.

Here are the key features of Samsung Galaxy Watch5:

  • 40 hours maximum battery life
  • It can track ovulation cycle of women
  • It has the 3-in-1 BioActive Sensor that accurately measures your heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and sleep cycle.

How much are Withings Smart Watches?

Withings smart watches are known for their classy looks. Their ScanWatch is famous as well and competitive with other brands like Apple. In terms of price, their smart watches start at $299 and higher. This brand is on the luxury side of the market.

They have three main types of watches to offer: HR, ScanWatch, and Move ECG. Each type has its respective features that you’d love and gripe about. So far, in terms of functionality, we’d say that the ScanWatch is the best choice. If you the basic one, then go for the HR Withings watch.

What’s the average price of Withings ScanWatch?

Their price starts at $399 and an example of this is Withings ScanWatch 38mm. The key features of this watch model are:

  • Health tracking
  • 24-hour Heart monitoring
  • ECG recording
  • Advanced tracking and analysis of sleep and physical activities
  • Battery life of 30 days
  • PMOLED display

So far, Withings ScanWatch Horizon is the most expensive at $699. This is a hybrid smartwatch that has a battery life of 30 days maximum. It has a built-in tracker for heart rate, blood oxygen level, and ECG result display.

How much is VTech Smart Watch?

This is one of the affordable smart watches for kids you find on the market. You can buy them at $89 starting price. VTech Kidizoom DX2 is priced at $89. It comes in pink and blue colors.

VTech Kidizoom DX2 is also priced at $89. The band color is black. You can also choose those with red band.

How much is SpaceTalk smart watch?

SpaceTalk is one of the in-demand smart watches for kids. They help your kids stay connected with their friends and with you anywhere and anytime.

For a price of $249, you can have SpaceTalk smart watch that helps keep your children safe and monitored. Here are some of the essential features of this watch:

  • Call and SMS
  • GPS location tracking
  • Long battery life
  • Gorilla glass for extra protection against water and scratches
  • Camera
  • SOS communication
  • You can turn off its smart features during school time
  • Fitness tracking ability

Besides your kids, they also have a smart watch for seniors. SpaceTalk Life Seniors Smart Watch 4G is one of the trending watches today for the elderly. It is priced at $399.

Just like your kid’s smart watch, it has SOS alerts and fitness tracking features to help monitor the health and activity of your seniors.

How much is Skagen Smart Watch?

This Danish brand is one of the trending smart watches today. Its latest smart watch is the Skagen Falster Gen6. For a price of $295, you get a powerful Wear OS with classic stylish looks.

It has a minimalist design but is boosted with features. With a display size of 1.28 inches, you can clearly view the stats and time. This is compatible with Android and iOS.

This brand is a subsidiary of Fossil. That’s one reason why its looks are similar to Fossil.

How much is Polar Smart Watch?

Polar is also a trusted brand of smart watch in Australia. In terms of price, their wearable starts at $299 and goes as high as $699.

There are three main highlight features for Polar smart watches:

  • It has battery life of five days.
  • Its excellent sleep tracking tool helps you measure your sleeping hours and improve your sleeping habits.
  • It has FitSpark that monitors your physical activities.
  • Besides that, you can control your music on the phone using the watch.
  • It has the Serene Breathing exercise that helps you relax and get enough rest.

How much is Diesel Smart Watch?

Diesel is one of the affordable brands you can buy for your kids. Their smart watches are priced at less than $100 on average. Compared to other brands, for the price, their features are good.

Some of their key features are physical tracking, sending SMS and email on the wrist, and alerts. It also has the ability to monitor heart rate and know your location using GPS.

It’s compatible with Android. It can also connect with other devices via Bluetooth connection.

How much is Moochies Smart Watch?

Moochies is a famous brand that competes with known brands like Moby Fox, TickTalk, and Xplora. In terms of overall features, they are good and competitive.

Their pricing is also in the mid range. On average, their price starts at $179. So far, the core features of their smart watch are IP67 water resistance, SOS alert system, and 4G voice calls.

The highest price of Moochies smart watch is at $249.

How much is Pixbee Smart Watch?

This smart watch can be inserted with a sim card that is approved in Australia or New Zealand. That said, you can call or text your children even without a smartphone connected to their smart watch.

You can do voice or audio calls and messaging on the wrist. Looking at this, it gives peace of mind to parents in contacting their children at home or in school.

The price of Pixbee smart watches are usually at $249.

How much is OPPO Smart Watch?

The average price of OPPO smart watches is $169. OPPO is not just limited to smartphones, and the creation of their smart watch is proof.

Their watches are capable of using Google Services and their Wear OS is capable of that. It has a stunning battery life of 21 days. But with excessive use, it can drain faster and last shorter than 21 days.

Just like Pixbee, you can insert an eSIM to your OPPO smart watch. That said, you can make calls or text anyone on the wrist. No need of smartphone.

Final Thoughts

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Smart watches are great tools for keeping in touch with your kids and family. You can sync that with your smartphone and access almost everything on the wrist. The creation of a smartwatch as an extension of your phone is a trademark of convenience.

We hope you had a great time reading through the article. Now, we want to hear your thoughts. Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out or read more of our blogs.