Why Do You Need Fitbit Premium?

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Are you a huge fan of the Fitbit tracker? That means you’re not new to Fitbit premium. It’s their premium subscription service for all models of Fitbit wearables. Do you think availing this Fitbit premium is necessary for all Fitbit devices? The answer is no. It depends if you want to make use of their advanced health metrics dashboard.

Are you now wondering if it’s worth getting this personalized Fitbit app? Well, let’s get to know more about it in this article. Let’s try to explore its features and benefits to see if it’s worth its Fitbit premium cost.


What’s in the Article?

  • Overview: Features of Fitbit Premium
  • What is Fitbit Premium?
  • How much does a Fitbit Premium Service Cost?
  • What are the inclusions of Fitbit Premium?


Overview: Features of Fitbit Premium

features of fitbit premium


In a nutshell, here are the main features of your Fitbit premium subscription service:

  • Stress management score breakdown
  • Detailed report on sleeping pattern
  • Health and fitness stats
  • 30-day and 90-day wellness report
  • Advanced skin temperature details (applicable for Fitbit Sense)
  • Breathing rate
  • On demand workouts and fitness goals
  • Guided programs and audio workouts

These are the benefits savored by Fitbit premium members as they purchase this subscription. If you’re serious about your health and fitness goals, then this premium service is good for you.

If you’re still on the fence about having it, you can try their free trial. Fitbit offers a 30 day and 90 day free trial of their premium subscription. There are also Fitbit premium offers every year that you need to watch out for.

What is Fitbit Premium?

Fitbit premium subscription

Fitbit premium is a paid service offered by Fitbit. It helps Fitbit premium users better understand their Fitbit stats. Your wellness reports give you an idea on your body condition. You can get that from your Fitbit app.

You can use this app for free. It helps track your sleep, steps, and calories burned. But by getting the Fitbit premium membership, you are using the other functions of your Fitbit app. These services are health coaching guide, video exercises, and health metrics dashboard.

Are these benefits making Fitbit premium worth it? Well, a lot of premium subscribers are enjoying their experience with the paid service. This helps them improve their physical and mental health.

How much does a Fitbit Premium Service Cost?

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If we have their monthly subscription service, Fitbit premium costs 9.99 dollars in the US while 7.99 pounds in the UK. If you find that pricey, you can go for an annual subscription and just pay $79.99. By paying the annual, your monthly subscription is just around $6.67.

We understand that not all directly embraces the benefits of Fitbit Premium, that’s why they are offering a 90 day free trial period. After the free period, maybe you can decide whether Fitbit premium worth is great or not.

How much does Fitbit Premium Service Cost?

If we have their monthly subscription service, Fitbit premium costs 9.99 dollars in the US while 7.99 pounds in the UK. If you find that pricey, you can go for yearly subscriptions and just pay $79.99.  By paying the annual, your monthly fee subscription is just around $6.67.

We understand that not all directly embraces the benefits of Fitbit Premium, that’s why they are offering a 90 day free trial period. After the free period, maybe you can decide whether Fitbit premium worth is great or not.

Inside your Fitbit app, look into the lower right corner and click on the Premium tab section. The free trial service is only available in English. You can only avail this free trial for a limited time frame.

They also offer a six month free trial offer for all Fitbit users. This is for everyone to get to experience the power of Fitbit premium. Take note, these free trials are limited. If you want to continue using Fitbit app’s extra services, you need to get the premium subscription.

What are the inclusions of Fitbit Premium?

Fitness trackers have their respective functions which also depends on the brand. Fitbit is one of the best fitness trackers in the market. They are know to be flexible and user friendly. If you are interested to be one of the new premium users, you need to know the inclusions of the Fitbit Premium.

Health and Fitness data tracking

Using Fitbit premium, you can track your weight, sleep, and nutrition. The sleep data you can use for improving your wellness. This is available on Fitbit Sense and other models.

You get to see your sleep stages and know how to improve them. Sleep is vital to everyone’s health. The better sleep score you have the healthier you are. Sleep tracking is one of the highlight functions of Fitbit’s premium membership.

Knowing how important sleep is, getting the best sleep is vital to keeping your body healthy. If you’re having trouble sleeping, then having an in-depth understanding is necessary. Using Fitbit app, you have the access to this function.

By having the premium subscription, you can go beyond the personal ranges of the free Fitbit app service. You can download a 90 day health track of your health conditions. This includes your skin temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, SpO2 and skin temperature variation.

You can see these data on your health metrics dashboard. From there, you would see how your body is going from your daily activities.

Guided Programs

Fitbit premium users get to enjoy guided programs for their wellness goals. It’s like you have a Fitbit coach but it’s based on your own pace. You get to read and watch videos on a step-by-step guide on how to be physically and mentally healthy.

This is like a health coaching feature of Fitbit Premium only you have to control on what to choose. These guided programs along with the video tutorials make a complete training for you.

Video Workout Tutorials

Inside the Fitbit app, you get access to over 150 workout video tutorials. This can be a high intensity workout, cardio exercises, and yoga training. You can choose to watch any of them based on your preference.

Premium Challenges for Fitbit users

You can interactive with other Fitbit users and get them engage in a fitness goal contest. Get Fit Bingo is one game you can try on your Fitbit premium account. You can invite your friends who are not Fitbit premium users for these challenges.

Detailed Insights

It also has an advanced sleep insights that help you get better sleeping pattern. Fitbit app also partnered with other apps like Calm in providing sleep stories for users. This third party app helps Fitbit users easily sleep.

There are a few more sleep tools you can explore inside Fitbit Premium. The sleep score you get from these tools provide a sleep score breakdown. This is useful for letting you understand your sleeping habits.

A detailed breakdown of your daily readiness and sleep score is accessible on Fitbit’s paid subscription. The details include your heart rate, sleeping hours, and REM sleep, and deep sleep.

Mindfulness Sessions

Managing stress and anger can be challenging especially with today’s lifestyle. Fitbit offers video and audio tutorials that helps users gain control of their stress and emotion.

By having a calm mind, you can have better sleep and mood. This also boost an optimistic personality.

Daily Readiness Score

This newest feature on Fitbit Premium gives you an idea on how ready you are with daily workout. It provides a score combining all aspects of your health. The higher your daily readiness score the better you are at moderate and high intensity workouts.

A lot of premium subscribers love this newest feature since it guides them with their fitness goals. You can see this in Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Versa 3.

Blood Glucose Levels

Fitbit paid subscription also lets you know your blood sugar level. In your health metrics dashboard, you will find your glucose levels for the past 30 days. This is applicable for both Android and iOS devices.

Skin Temperature

The Fitbit paid service also includes measuring your skin temperature. It has the advanced skin temperature feature letting you measure skin temperature every minute. By knowing your skin temperature variation, you better know if you are well or not.

Your body temperature is also linked to your stress level. When you’re super stressed, it can spike your body temperature. You can see this data on your wellness report. But you need to have a premium subscription to access this feature.

What’s in the Fitbit Health Metrics Dashboard?

When you avail the Fitbit premium membership, you can get access to their health dashboard. This is where you will find all details on your health. Here are some of the details you can find there:

  • Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • Skin temperature
  • Breathing rate
  • Oxygen saturation (SpO2)
  • Breathing heart rate

All these components, you can see them on different models of Fitbit trackers. This is compatible with Fitbit Charge 2 to 5, Versa, Inspire, Alta HR, Blaze, Sense, and Ionic.


We hope to help you get a better understanding with Fitbit Premium. For its price, the function and benefits of this service is great. If you’re on your fitness journey, we’d say this is a good help.

The Fitbit app is easy to use and understand. The dashboard is straightforward and generates smart reports for your wellness.

If you have some questions about Fitbit, feel free to reach out. We are the leading digital publisher in the country. Our best tech tutorials will help you make smart decisions in buying and using devices such as kids smartwatches.

Let’s hit those fitness goals with Fitbit, so you can stay fit.