DGTEC Smart Watch Review

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Just like most of you, we were unfamiliar with the brand and type of smart watches offered by the firm “DGTEC,” so we decided to explore what they had to offer.

What’s in this article:

This brand is DGTEC, and according to our research, it offers a variety of watches, ranging from round to rectangular. In their wearables area, they also have a fitness band.

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Today, we are going to review one of the smart watches by DGTEC. This is the DGTEC Smart Watch for kids. If you are also looking for more information about this brand and its specific kid’s watch, you got the right place. Here we researched, bought, and tried the product to give an extensive review of this item. Let’s head on to the full review.

The DGTEC Kids Smart Watch

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This watch comes with settings that allow your child to grab fitness goals. These settings will be an encouraging companion for your kid’s daily goals. Its battery life lasts many days. It’s also  water resistant, which means it’s a great watch for your kids, and you can pair it with your smartphone.


It seems to be made of a soft plasticky material. Then it merely wraps around your wrist. And it includes a counter for walking, stuff like checking your heart rate and how many calories you  burn. It has a 1.3-inch long IPS color display. You can also connect it to your smart phone and play audio. And there are also shortcuts if you want to get to your quick reminders after it’s set up. You simply swipe, and there’s that.

Top customer reviews

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  • So, I’m going to go into my messages, and the first thing I’m going to do is respond to my messages. Well, because of this feature, this is an excellent watch, in my own view.
  • I really like the color of the band and it easily wraps around your wrist as it has a soft band. It’s good. I like it.


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  • 1.3-inch touch screen with IPS technology
  • Alerts for calls, SMS and apps
  • Heart rate tracker
  • Easily connect to your smart phone
  • Water-resistant that’s IP68
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep tracking guidance
  • Capture photos remotely
  • Alerts and reminders setting
  • Weather alerts

The best bits of the smart watch

  • This encouraging companion motivates your kid to follow through with his/her daily goals. This is helpful because it build healthy habits and creates a sense of organization and self-awareness and develops your child’s health consciousness
  • Uses the Fit4Kid app to access to your smart phone. Link your smart phone to the Fit4Kid app to enjoy features like pulse rate and sleep tracking, setting alarms, and seeing the temperature, as well as customizing the watch start screen design.
  • It comes with goal celebrations, sleep guidance and calorie burn tracking and friendly fitness tracker.

You can purchase it at eBay Australia by clicking the button below, there are still many in stock and the checkout process is smooth. It is sold with original packaging, new and still unused.

Final Words…

Money encouraging companion motivates

Children will like this cool DGTEC smart watch, which features a 1.3-inch IPS touch screen, IP68 waterproof resistance, and audio playback management for your smartphone.

This cool dgtec smart watch allows you to give your child build healthy habits. The smart watch has candy, galactic blue and tropical forest color variations. These colors are perfect for the aesthetic look of smart watch that your kid wants to have.

It comes in different colors and fun names for each watch color. Because it has a friendly fitness tracker and comes with a sleep tracking guidance. This watch becomes a great option for you to buy if your kid is too young to own a smart phone.

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