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Top Kids Smartwatch Brands in Australia: In-Depth Reviews

smart watch for kids

Are your kids’ too young for a smartphone but you still want to keep in touch with them while they’re away?  

Then this new trend of kids smartwatches are for you! Well technically, it’s for them but considering the peace of mind you’ll get? It’s definitely for you too. 

By the time you decide that it’s good to buy, you’ll realise there are lots of brands, models, features, accessories that makes the selection process so challenging. No problem! We are here to do the research and break it down for you. 

Our guides below have rounded up the best smart watches for kids brands so you can make an informed decision based on what fits your need. 

Just like any other products, kids’ smart watches are not created equal. If you use “trial and error” method in finding the perfect brand for your child? You’ll waste a lot of cash. If you choose the wrong one, it might compromise your child safety and defeat the purpose altogether. The reviews below are based on real on-hand experience with the products and we are choosing the side of the consumer, always.