Best Time Management Apps for Kids

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Many of the most important apps now are those that help us organize our to-do lists. It’s easy for things to slide between the gaps as our lives become busier and busier. We may be prompted to take proper care of the vital things in our life. That may be ignored thanks to the large choice of to-do applications available.

Our kids are no exception, they get busier by the day and get easily distracted. If you’re looking for a time management app that is good for kids too, we got some great news for you in this article. In here, we have chosen some timesheet app that are good to use on your kid’s wearables.

Here are the best time management apps for kid’s smartwatches for the year 2022 that will help you and your kids maximize your time and energy if necessary.

What’s in the Article?

Why use smartwatch time management apps for kids?

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Smartwatches can now accomplish almost everything that a smartphone can. For example, you can use Google Pay to pay for groceries, use Google Maps to figure out where you’re going. And use Glide to view video messaging. And use a variety of fitness & wellbeing apps to track your steps and check your health.

Since a virtual context noise has taken over. Trying to keep track of what you need to get done isn’t enough. To tackle the problem of remaining focused on your productivity. What I’ve always desired is an application or platform that’s doing more with to-do lists. Gives incentive, and allows kids get their way through tasks.

All your apps in the smartwatch may be handy, but its different when we talk about kids. Kids tend to lean on the special areas of time management apps and task management software. So having them exposed to different time management apps integrated with google calendar and those that can work on multiple calendars is much better.

Take control of your time and your kid’s time.

No matter where you live, maybe you want fewer days to work at. Time is valuable; but it must do the most. Time is at the root of everything in launching life and personal life.

It doesn’t matter what the reason for the delay in the process. Time waste leads to missed deadlines. The resulting work and personal imbalance, and the resulting anxiety.

Too, the use of technology enabled us to interact more easily with others in an environment that was never possible before. Probably our biggest success was with time management software. As the title says, many time management tools can give your time more flexibility. The software allows you and your kids to spend time doing what matters most in the most meaningful way. Unless you’re using a tool to manage your time you’ll definitely have missed a trick or two. So let’s dive into the different time management apps that could help you and your kids get the most out of your wearables today.

The Todoist app

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This task management app synchronizes across all your devices and platforms. Ensuring that you are constantly up to current on the progress of your work activities and assignments.

Many people think the app is amazing in and of itself. With features like an intuitive UI, cross-platform compatibility, and collaboration tools. But the premium platform adds more capabilities. Todoist, which is available for iphone and Android. Is the best in this area, with a full list of all chores as well as it is able to sustain key tasks. Including that history exam, top of mind. It’s free, but a $3 monthly paid version. And a $5 monthly business strategy for teams are available.

Zen is the focus of Todoist.

Todoist is my #1 recommendation for enhancing productivity if you just want to use one app. Beyond building lists, the app accomplishes what I was seeking for in order to think. Todoist’s Zen feature and freshly updated Android app. Are truly meant to help with time management, prioritizing, and motivation.

You may use the Todoist app to strategically plan both work and personal obligations. You can set reminders, share and assign work tasks. And integrate the Todoist app with a variety of popular programs such as Dropbox, and Zapier. Todoist tracks your productivity and improves your reputation score as you complete tasks. The time management aspect stems from the app’s ability to categorize your to-dos.

By allocating them to a date, allowing you to look forward a week or month. This also means that you’ll receive notifications on your watch about upcoming events. The ability to categorize also means you may also create more of a structure. Based on different tasks or areas of life thanks to the categorization options.

Although there are some limitations to what you can accomplish with a basic account. This to do list app is simple and easy to understand. If you allow voice access, the Wear app becomes much more powerful. Make Todoist your default speech action in the Android app for “OK Google, take a note.”

Time Tracker IQ

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It is compatible with Garmin connect and Fitbit. Time Tracker IQ helps to keep track of how much time your kids spend on various tasks.

It’s the perfect tool whether you’re a freelancer who has to track time. And create invoices for clients, but if you’d like to figure out which tasks take up the most time. And enhance your productivity by better managing your time. It is also great for kids since it can enhance their productivity easily due to its reporting features.

Time Tracker IQ is meant to be stress-free. Quick, and simple to use, so it runs on your wristwatch. So data is provided at a glance and controls are simple and always at hand. With in blink of the eye, you can set the timer! As it is one of the best time management tool there is today. Kids will appreciate the use of the timer for their daily work to organize tasks and managing time.

Focus timer

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The ideal time management software for your Android wearables is Focus timer.

The PomodoroTM approach, which enhances productivity by dividing down work hours into 25 minute chunks. Interspersed by brief breaks, inspired the focus timer. When kids learn how pomodoro works, they become more conscious of using this productivity app and other time tracking apps. And this will surely help your kids learn managing tasks at hand.

Turn your Android Wear smartwatch into a powerful work tool. Your kids can stay focused when using this time management solution. It helps as a way to get your kids to manage time.

This version includes:

  • A lovely strawberry timer.
  • Buttons for start and reset.
  • Feedback through touch.
  • Statistics and conditions.

Productive Habit Tracker

This is a simple, free plan and free version program that allows you to establish personal objectives. It helps your kids measure progress, and inspire yourself too. It has an intuitive design that allows your kids to arrange the calendar. It can assist kids to make reminders, and establish objectives. It will keep them focused on their objectives and is entirely configurable. This is so to match your kid’s specific requirements. The reminder tool will notify you of your kids’ morning, noon, and evening appointments.

Many people with ADHD have found this software useful. Since it allows them to focus on certain things in their everyday routine. Kids that will use this app will love this for its feature as a focus app. This way they stay focused and they can make use of calendar apps and reporting features.

A paid membership is available through iTunes, much like many other apps. A one-year membership costs $29.00.

TickTick with Android Wear

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TickTick, is an app that is available on iOS Android. It may provide several reminders or “annoying alarms” when something is due. As well as clarity on what to do, white sounds to help concentration, and the opportunity to share lists. Allows your kids to check their to-do list without having to take their phone from their pocket.


to do lists

  • Look at today’s tasks and mark them as completed.
  • Use voice command to create tasks by asking, “Ok Google, take a note…”
  • Change a task’s due date
  • Make a checklist and cross items off one by one.
  • Tasks sync seamlessly on TickTick Android phone

TickTick for Android and TickTick on Android Wear work together to ensure your kids never forget a task. This time tracking app and time tracking software takes the stress away from you and your child. It helps your child with all your tasks designated to him or her.

Daily Planner App Tiimo

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Tiimo is a premium membership service that visualizes how your kids can lead life. It also thus motivates you as well to manage your life. It inspires you and the kids to adhere to your habits, and work toward your own objectives! As a visual learning style, I like the interesting framework. Which makes it dependable and reduces stress while attempting to keep organized. The blogs are also an excellent method to increase awareness of neurodiversity. This is also why I’ve loved reading them.

Tiimo was developed in close collaboration with users and employs scientifically validated approaches. This is to boost executive function. Tiimo is a smartphone and wearable app with a premium membership. So that helps people with executive function issues.

Is Tiimo suitable for your kid?

Yes, if he/she requires a visual calendar and wish to organize the day digitally. This is done with reminders and encouragement throughout the day.

How does Tiimo function?

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The software allows you to construct a visual timetable. And Tiimo would remind your child of it throughout the day. The Tiimo app keeps track of your kid’s calendar and sends you notifications when activities begin and conclude.

What distinguishes Tiimo?

It’s a tool for visual planning. Each action can have an image and a checklist. A clear timeline helps you avoid overspending.A visual timeline helps you avoid wasting too much effort on a single job. Notifications inform you when it’s better to change activities. You decide how frequently you want to be alerted.

Things 3

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This award-winning software combines simplicity. With a wealth of useful functions and a beautiful appearance. Things 3 follow a precise procedure. Your kids will construct ideas, lists, and reminders by using Siri to recreate them from other applications. After they’ve made their list, divide it into sections and divide duties to themselves.

Each morning, the kids may choose the duties they wish to complete for the day. And your kids will love this since they have control of how to create projects. As well as learn task management and make use of recurring tasks. You will just see daily chores instead of an overwhelming to-do list. This way, kids can learn how to manage projects as young as they are. They will also learn how to prioritize tasks in their personal life. They would be able to finish their things and cross them off the list.

This will show as completed tasks that are up to date so your kids are in the know. Since it is simple to use and focused on everyday to do’s. According to users, one of the advantages of Things 3 is that it will integrate with a variety of other iOS technologies. Including Siri, Calendar events, and more. Things Cloud is used for all upgrades.

Any. Do

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Reminders are sent right to your kid’s wrist. For the best productivity experience, create key actions in seconds. And sync them across platforms.

Keep records of your kids schedule with real time reminders on Android Wear. You’ll never miss an action item because everything is synced across different platforms.

Using beautiful voice commands, you can effortlessly add action items on the move. Choose to finish or defer chores as the day progresses. All from the palm of your hand, and increase your productivity in secs.

This is an excellent smartwatch app for beginners due to its ease of usage. It’s not designed to become a project management method. But it’s a terrific way to keep track of personal projects and activities. It may be used in conjunction with the other Microsoft 365 services and devices.

This could be a bit too simple for individuals who want more high-tech solutions. As it lacks many features and isn’t particularly useful in job prioritization. But it is great for kids since it is simple so kids can track work hours they have and have fun. It’d be a fantastic alternative for individuals with limited requirements. It works with other tools you could use, like Trello.

Users praised how simple this application is to use, saying it is ideal for beginners and kids. Or those who have recently received a gift.


task management software

It’s understandable why Microsoft opted to spend money on Wunderlist. While the design isn’t as slick as Todoist’s. The app likewise adopts a “it’ll all be fine” approach to getting things done.

It’s usually a lighter tool, which can sometimes be the greatest technique. For assisting you in completing tasks: just present the material and get it out of the side. The Android Wear application is the most powerful of the bunch. Since it allows one to swipe over your list and mark tasks as completed. Or access them on your smartphone for further information. This feature is great since it can save time for your kids. While helping them track tasks easily by a swipe. New tasks can easily be inputted by your kids as well into the task manager.

Wunderlist has a nice interface, so you can at least use it. Wunderlist has a nice design, so even if the work isn’t really enjoyable, the kids may ponder about the scenery.

I appreciate being able to snooze tasks, give an essential to-do a star. And pick which lists appear on the Android Wear edition of Wunderlist.

While Wunderlist lacks Todoist’s analysis of data and zen-like capabilities. I believe that its ease and cross-platform compatibility make it a useful companion.

Wunderlist, like Todoist, includes a subscription version for individuals who wish to use the app for work. Or obtain all of the capabilities, such as setting due dates. Categorizing material by hashtags, and so on.


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Trello is another tool that may help your kids manage their work and projects. But it uses a card layout like a real scrum board. Trello on Android Wear also lets users reply to notifications with voice. And develop new decks for their tasks while on the move. Ensuring that the children have never missed an important piece of the efficiency jigsaw. This to do list app is great at teaching your kids important note taking. This way they can use the voice reply which will make time tracking fun and cool.


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I’m thinking I don’t need to explain Evernote to you today. As the cloud-based note-taking tool has been there for what seems like an eternity on the Internet. Evernote’s wristwatch integration is an excellent illustration. Of how developers must rethink their functionality. This is to accommodate this new communication paradigm. The Evernote team realized something now. And that trying to duplicate the experience in its entirety on a watch would be impractical.

So they concentrated instead, on designing hyper-productive 3-5 second engagements for their Apple Watch software. From your kids’ wrist, they may swiftly dictate ideas and do voice search through all of their notes and records. For that important piece of information, or just check off items on a checklist. This is one of those best time management tools that help your kids dictate ideas. Or create notes and create to do lists.

Google Keep

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Google Keep is a note taking app developed by Google that you may be familiar with. And use it on regular basis on both smartphone and PC as one of management apps. We choose Google Keep since it is tied to the Google account. And thus syncs across all your devices. So it can be accessed on multiple devices and you’ll know your kids data. Most Android devices come with it pre-installed, so you won’t have to download and join up for the third party app.

Google Keep is now accessible as a Wear OS software. Allowing your kids to write notes or refer to entries they’ve already taken. This is without having to reach for their smartphone. This is very useful while your kid is at a playdate. Or when they are hanging out and need to know about their notes.

How to teach your kids to do time management

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“Hurry it up.” “Do you realize what hour it is?” “Let’s just go.” “Just what is taking you too long?” Do you ever feel as if you’re parenting a bunch of slackers who don’t understand what minute it is? The excellent thing is that even the smallest children can learn to manage their time. This is when it is needed to aid them (and you) get things done. To teach your children time management skills, follow these 5 steps.

Show your children how to tell time.

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Even youngsters who can tell the time do not always actually measure it. Set a timer throughout a chunk of time once they’re meant to be doing a task to assist them. Keep a clock nearby and offer them a vocal count as the minutes pass so they can get a sense of how long these chunks are.

Your aim is to simply assist them grasp the concept of an hour, 15 minutes, or even five minutes. Kids’ll understand the very next when you say,. “We’re leaving in five minutes,” that you don’t imply they had playtime with their toys. Don’t overwork your children.

One of most common errors parents make nowadays. Is trying to ensure that their children engage in every event after school. We end up overscheduling the entire extended family. To the point that we have a full schedule every day of the week.

Don’t try to overschedule your kids just for goodness sake of the family.

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Instead of learning how to manage their time effectively. Kids experience a continual state of go, go, go that makes them need a few minutes of leisure. Overscheduling sets their and your clocks off. Try to prevent it so that you can all improve your time management skills.

Helping your children prioritize their days will benefit them throughout their lives. Allowing them to do the most critical things daily. Or weekly while also preparing them to achieve long-term goals. Begin with everyday priorities before progressing to weekly and monthly. Make time management enjoyable.

Carpools, bedtimes, numerous appointments. And PTA meetings are all things that grown-ups associate with time management. You might want to hurl the clock out through the window because of the tension.

Consider the Benefits and rewards

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Yes, parents can provide kids incentives for effective time management. And such incentives can be powerful motivators. Incentives can be weekly or quarterly, and you and your family should decide on them together.

Make your prizes as unique as possible. Yes, you can choose to reward your children with time spent playing video games. Make it a real award even better. Younger children might focus on shorter-term rewards. Such as enjoying a board game with their parents after accomplishing three or four tasks. The goal is to transform those time management bonuses into quality time spent with your family.

Assist them in setting daily goals.

due dates

Remember: first, second, and third. It’s that easy. You may teach the notion of priority to younger children even if they don’t grasp what it is.

Most youngsters, depending on their age, do not see the larger picture of priorities. With each homework assignment, your middle schooler isn’t thinking of getting into college. Your preschooler is unlikely to see her doodles hanging in a gallery. One day when she becomes a great artist. They set their priorities on a weekly, everyday, or even hourly basis.

Using the first, next, and last strategy, assist them in organizing their day. Brushing their teeth, for example, should be the top priority for children. Then they can continue on to the next step, such as. Then kids may focus on the tasks ahead of them. This way such as getting their school books prepared in the morning. So and then and then finishing homework before bed. Finally, they should consider what should happen at the end of the day. They can clean their teeth and put out their clothing for the next day before going to bed.

Use Time Management Tools That Are Kid-Friendly

track time

Add kid-friendly schedule management software to your arsenal.

Including apps to colourful magnetic calendars. The idea is to utilize graphics and strategies that your children will understand. You are the only one who knows what works best for each of your student’s educational styles.

Apps may appeal to children who like using technology. Magnet calendars for kids allow your children to arrange their days visually. Using bright magnets for anything from sports sessions to vacations. You may always get crafty and create your own work management tools to fit your family’s routine.

Are time management apps useful?

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Time management is an easy method of getting what we need: efficiency. When it comes to completing a list and scheduling reminders to shopping lists. Or meeting schedules, it can easily get overwhelmed. You can’t go through the Google Playstore without running across a to-do app. Yet, several of them are really just basic list generators. That are nothing more than the digital edition of marking items off a paper list. The main point of a smartwatch is to be able to swiftly get alerts, reminders, and check information.

The Final Word

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Can a smartwatch assist you and your kid in managing your time and increasing productivity? Yes, but with qualifications as a time management app wearable. It’s a great approach to get information quickly and avoid distractions. Early adopters, on the other hand, will continue to face the restrictions that come with just about any new platform. Particularly one with such a compact size. Whether a wristwatch is perfect for you right today, one thing seems certain. Wearable tech and smartwatches are all here to stay and are likely to find a home on your wrist relatively soon.

Learning time management should, however, be enjoyable for children. Make your own calendars using crayons. Stickers can be used to commemorate significant occasions. Make it a contest to see who can do ordinary household duties. So it normally takes a long time, such as cleaning the teeth. Putting on kids shoes, or having their bags ready for school the next day. The more enjoyable you make time effectively for your children. The more simpler it is to teach them the value of time, and in what better way than through time management apps in their smartwatches.

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