Best Sim Card for Kids

Best Sim Card for Kids

Hello parents, today we will be discussing the best sim card for kids in Australia.

The average age for a child’s age to get a mobile phone is between 12 and 13 years old. Keeping this in mind, parents are the best judge of whether their children are ready for a mobile phone. And the lessons they teach about that readiness may begin as early as kindergarten.

We evaluated essential considerations when picking the best sim card plan for kids. Including parental controls, spending limitations, contract durations, pricing, internet access, data banking usage and added extras. Parents will pay and be responsible for their children’s SIM plan. Thus, it is customary for us to conduct some research before selecting one.

You’ll need to select what kind of allowances you want your youngster to have before purchasing a SIM.

Selecting a SIM package for a kid might be difficult. That we have compiled a list of some of the finest plans available. In this topic, we have put up a basic guide to help you make a correct selection.

unlimited talk

The most important factors to consider while selecting a plan for kids
  • Limitless messages:

No matter what age your child is, unlimited texting is a great idea. It means they’ll always be able to call you in an emergency and text their pals. Without going over their plan’s data restrictions.

  • How much data usage

1 GB Data Plan should be sufficient for light use of basic applications. Such as Google Maps, online surfing, and messaging apps. Heavier data use, particularly social networking applications. Video, such as TikTok, will consume more data. Consider any plans that provide low excess data charge as well as a usage warning system. Such as SMS warnings when 50%, 85%, or 100% of the monthly data allowance.

  • Longer expiry durations

Be mindful of inexpensive prepaid plans with short expiry terms, which might be as little as 7-10 days. Instead, seek prepaid contracts with 28-30 day expirations. Since this decreases the danger of your child running out of credit and being unable to contact or text you. While also eliminating the inconvenience of recharging on a frequent basis. Although short-term plans are less expensive. Consider how many times you’ll need to recharge each month, which might add up.

  • Adding your child to your family plans for kids

Unlimited data plans, especially those with enormous data allotment, have higher monthly fees. But, some companies allow you to add more family members at a discounted charge.

prepaid phone plans

When deciding on the finest features for your child’s mobile plan. Keep in mind their age and how they are likely to use their phone.

Tweens are unlikely to go out and about on their own very much, especially away from the family home’s wi-fi. As a result, they will consume fewer data in the future.

Teens, of course, will have a greater appetite for data. While having unlimited texts and calls is a nice feature to have on a plan, regardless of your age. And they are consider as good product provider

List of the best SIM card that is best for kids’ plans.

prepaid plans


Parents who wish to keep their children safe online. May subscribe to Yomojo’s Family Eye service. It has an optional add-on. That allows parents to follow their children’s physical whereabouts. as well as their digital activities. Family Eye costs $5 per month per kid but is free for the first month of use. It contains safe browsing features, location alerts, app, and camera monitoring, and more. And it is the cheapest SIM card.

All plans intend for usage in Australia. Only for personal use. Every 30 days, plans renew. If you run out of data, you can always install a data bolt-on for a cheaper options.

Finally, Yomojo provides Family Bundles. If you have many children or wish to maintain all your family’s phone lines on one account and pay. Bundles allow you to join up for up to six independent mobile lines under one account. And get monthly discounts of up to 15% on your total mobile subscription.

child's phone plan

What we like about Yomojo
  • Kids Plan + 1GB Data is only $9.90 for 30 days
  • Free SIM delivery
  • Triple punch SIM – Fits all devices
  • 200 Mins Talk and unlimited text
  • This allows you to access 200 minutes of national voice calls. And unlimited national standard SMS
  • 1GB data Optus Network
  • Renews every 30 days: renews for $9.90 every 30 days
  • No Lock-in Contract: Fuss-free plan you can change each month
  • Unlimited calls! Get FREE Yomojo-to-Yomojo call minutes to connect with family and friends

family zone

Felix mobile

Whatever way you take it, unlimited mobile data in Australia comes with a catch. Felix Mobile makes it easy by providing “unlimited” data. But it’s limited to symmetrical speeds of up to 20 Mbps.

Felix’s unique plan lacks alternative carriers and services. But it is a zero- emissions telecommunications company.

When it comes to Felix Mobile, you only have one option. They only have the $35 Félix subscription and there is only one SIM alone package available.

postpaid plans

What we like about Felixmobile
  • A simple mobile plan, SIM for only $35/month
  • Unlimited mobile data at speeds of up to 20 Mbps in Australia.
  • Unlimited calls standard conversation + SMS in Australia.
  • No lock-in contracts or hidden fees
  • Get in minutes with eSIM at no extra cost
  • Local-based support through the Felix mobile app
  • Uses the Vodafone 4G/3G network
  • One tree plant for each month you’re with usmobile phones


Dodo does provide some nice, straightforward value at a fair price. The addition of unlimited national calls on all plans. As well as unlimited national and international SMS, which is a fantastic feature.

The $10 plan stands out. Since few carriers offer plans at this price range, the 2GB of bundled data is adequate for the price.

It’s a fantastic plan to consider if you want a super-cheap prepaid plans . And don’t need or use much data, and you don’t expect to make international calls.

If you want to call any of the 35 approved countries. The inclusion of international minutes on the top two plans is a huge benefit.

best phone plans for younger kids

Incorporating unlimited international SMS into all plans might also be beneficial. Especially as other smaller carriers rarely include international messaging as a regular feature.

Furthermore, the $20 and $30 plans have some fair data inclusions for the price point. So while Dodo has one of the simplest and smallest ranges of plans, there is some good value in what they provide.

Dodo is one of a few companies that provide a low-cost postpaid phone package for roughly $10.

phone user

What we like about Dodo
  • SIM – only plan for $10

Unlimited standard national calls and SMS. Unlimited standard international SMS. And 2GB of internet access are available for $10 per month.

  • SIM – only plan for $20

Dodo’s $20 package offers unlimited normal national calls and SMS. Unlimited international SMS and 100 international minutes to 35 destinations. You will also receive 20 GB of data each month.

  • SIM – only plan for $30

Paying $30 a month gets you up to 40GB of data. Unlimited standard national calls and texts, unlimited international. Texts and 200 international minutes to 35 countries.

phone plans for kids

Moose mobile

Moose Mobile provides excellent value for money. And has some of the most delighted consumers in the Australian telecom business.

Their no-frills plans. They are lacking popular services like databases and international calls. But, if you’re looking for a data-heavy plan on a tight budget, you won’t find a better deal.

There’s no doubting the value of Moose Mobile’s low-cost, high-data SIM- only plans. Earning them a 5 out of 5 rating for value in our comparison of Australian telecoms. And that’s without even including their regular deals and promotions.

Moose Mobile is one of the few remaining telecoms offer 12-month commitment contracts. Yet, signing up for the long term would only save you a few pennies (80 cents to $2.80) each month.

first phone

We recommend sticking to the no-contract options. Moose Mobile’s most popular no-contract plan is also its lowest, with 6GB of data available for $9.80 per month. After the first 12 months, the price rises to $15.80 per month, but it’s still a wonderful offer.

What we like about Moose mobile
  • Control Your Usage

Turn your data on and off using the Moose App to receive 50%, 85%, and 100% use notifications through SMS and email.

  • Parental Authority

Individual services may manage under a single account. With the ability to switch their data on and off and to add extra data packs as needed.

  • Transparency

By checking in via the app or online, you can access all your user logs, invoices, and payment history.

postpaid plan


Woolworths Mobile tries hard to sweeten the bargain of lower usage rates. With some very enticing advantages such as 10% off a monthly Woolies buy. The most costly plan from Woolworths Mobile is the $45 SIM Only plan, which includes 55GB of data.

With a monthly SIM-only plan from Woolworths Mobile. What exactly is bill shock? You will never charge more than what you agreed to pay in advance. Choose the SIM-only plan that’s right for you and say goodbye to the hassle of monthly charges.

Whether you choose a SIM Only or Prepaid plan. The monthly Woolworths Mobile plans include a 200GB data bank. which is ideal for storing unused data. Apart from the lowest $25 SIM- Only Plans for kids.

new phone


Circles. Life boils down to its simplest plan offering a simple equation: reasonable price with a lot of data. Circles have the bells and whistles you’re looking for with your SIM Only plan. Life isn’t a telecommunications company for you. Circles. Life features recurrent discount specials, amazing monthly pricing. And more data on the more expensive plans.

Life’s 5GB Monthly Plan, which costs $10 per month, competes with the lower end of the SIM Only market. When compared to rival SIM Only plans that cost $10 or less, the Circles. The Life 5GB Monthly Plan is the best first-year value ($120). Even though the iiNet Mobile 8GB Plan has a lower price for the first six months.

phone bill

Life 30 GB monthly plan, which is usually priced at $25 per month. But is only $20 per month for the first six months at the time of writing.

Pricing in the SIM Only field becomes competitive at this point. Many providers always provide fresh limited-time discounts and more data. Here’s how Circles works. The Life plan competes with the most popular SIMs or SIM-only with at least 20GB of data costing less than $30 per month.

parents plan's limits

Best Advice for Parents

When browsing for SIM plans for kids. Keep in mind what they need and you don’t need the best mobile phone plans or the newest iPhone for them. And the gender too! smart watches for girls often consume more data than boys based on statistics.

Phones use by various generations. It may be vital for you that your phone plan provides enough call time. But it may be more necessary for your child to have data to remain in touch with friends and family. Before selecting SIM plans. Make sure you establish what’s vital to keep them connected.

family plan

It’s also important to think about how long you want to commit.

If obtaining your child a SIM plan is more of an experiment. Or if you’re not sure what type of allowances to go for, a 30-day plan could be worth it.

This allows you the freedom to adjust or cancel your plans as required. But, we have found that 12-month or longer contracts provide superior value for money.

new customers

You might not want to spend more money on a bundle with mobile data if you have children. Data isn’t necessary at such an early age, and kids can still phone and text you if they need to. Furthermore, there is a risk that they will surpass their data allocation. Which would cost you extra money each month.

For younger users, we recommend sticking with a data-free package.

specific phone plans

At the end of the day, you are the best person to know your child. And if you pay the bill, you get to select where the money goes to save money and avoid bill shock, because today even kids smart watches have sim cards. It is worthwhile investigating the smaller telecoms that offer low-cost plans especially those under $15.


All mentioned above is great but what we recommend the most is from Telstra.