Benefits of a Smartwatch

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Are you on the fence about buying smart watches? We all have preferences, and we understand that. But first, you need to understand the benefits of a smartwatch, before you decide not to buy one, right?

In this article, we’re going to talk about the benefits of smart watches. And how they are different with mobile phones. That’s why they make our lives more convenient and efficient.

Let’s take a deep dive into your smart watch features and benefits.

Best Benefits of a Smartwatch

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Any smart watch brand has a handy feature that helps you with daily tasks. Here, we’re going to count and discuss some of them.

An extension of your phone

Many smartwatches provide easy access to your smartphone. You can connect them via Bluetooth or WiFi connection. That way, data are synced between your smart watch and phone.

Because of this feature, you have a phone free experience. Below are some other things you can enjoy with your smart watch:

  • Check notifications of your phone on your wrist
  • Make and receive calls instantly. Some smart watches can let you do that even without connecting to a phone. You can insert a sim card into your watch. And that allows the calls and texts features and benefits of a smartwatch.
  • It tells time and gives updates on weather information.
  • It sends you a reminder or alert for an important occasion.
  • Not only that, but it allows you to control apps on your phone through your smartwatch. For instance, if you need to move to another song, or increase the volume, you can do that on your wrist.
  • Social media notifications coming from your phone. On your wrist, you can engage on your social media accounts. No need to grab your phone.

These are just a few of the many smartwatch functions you’ll enjoy.

Health related features

Another valuable smartwatch feature you’ll enjoy is health tracking. Your smartwatch works like any fitness tracker. They even have more functions than a regular fitness band. And fitness tracking is one of them.

Smart watches are very versatile devices that help many users maintain good health. It’s a smart device with a wearable computer that can track vital signs. Below are the common health tracking abilities of a smartwatch:

  • It measures distance and heart rate while doing physical activities.
  • Sleep tracking is essential to guide you on getting enough sleep.
  • Measuring body temperature and heart rate monitoring
  • Blood oxygen level
  • Activity tracking

The health monitoring ability of a smartwatch is not present on any phone. It helps you determine your fitness level at present moment.

The fitness tracker function of this mobile device makes it valuable. They provide sensor data (e.g., heart rate and body temperature) that is not present on a smartphone.

Media Player Function

This mobile device can let you play music on your wrist. Most smartwatches can now also be connected with Bluetooth headset. This makes it easier for you to stream music and shuffle playlist on your wrist.

Smartwatches provide an easy way for playing music. You can do this while doing workout or when trekking outdoors. This is a huge benefit considering music helps ease stress. It also boosts mood and productivity.

Do you like Apple Watch or Android wearables? Regardless of brand, you’ll enjoy the media player function of this watch.

Take A Selfie

A normal watch will only tell time and let you set an alarm. For smartwatch users, there are more exciting features to explore with these smart devices.

Another feature to admire is their ability to take photos. Most smartwatches have a camera on their LCD. You can take selfies by pressing a side button or the screen of your smartwatch.

There are a few brands of smartwatches that can take pictures on their screen. As of now, Apple Watch Series don’t have this feature yet. But they allow you to take pictures using your Apple Watch, yet it must be connected to your phone.

GPS Location Tracking

Depending on the brand, some smartwatch has built in GPS for location tracking. That said, you can use your smart device as a compass to tell direction. When you’re hiking or biking, this becomes a useful feature.

Smartwatch manufacturers have recognized the importance of GPS, so they placed that inside the device. It also measures distance and time on how long it takes for you to get there.

Altimeter and Barometer Functions

Do you love hiking or any outdoor sports? In that case, you’d love the benefits of using smartwatch since it can now measure altitude. This, and more functions, make it a valuable device to have for your outdoor adventure.

Some brands also have the function to measure atmospheric pressure. If you’re sensitive to pressure, then this function matters. When you’re going to higher grounds, it’s best to have a watch that helps you measure atmospheric pressure. That way, you’d also know if your body can still endure those environmental conditions.

Phone Locator

We understand that oftentimes, you’re in the rush. The tendency is, that you may lose your phone, right? Fortunately, the operating system of many smartwatches and phone lets you resolve this concern.

On some phones, you will find a unique feature called “Finding Phone”. To use this, your wearable device must be synced with your phone. Use this feature in locating your phone. Upon activating this function, your smartphone will vibrate. The location of your device will be reflected on your smart watch.

Play Games on your Wrist

For gamers and tech enthusiasts, playing games on your smart watch is a great feature. These are games that have low graphic quality. This fits the resolution of any smartwatch.

Pay your bills on your wrist

Payments are now made easier with your wearable OS devices. All you have to do is sync your credit card or debit card to your smartwatch and smartphone.

Depending on the brand, there’s a specific app that works on your smartwatch to perform contactless payment. Some of these apps are Android Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay.

Fall Detection

When your smartwatch has the accelerometer function. It’s most likely that it also has fall detection. This feature is great for kids and seniors who are prone to fall accidents.

Once a fall is detected, it sends an alert SMS to the emergency contact saved on the smartwatch. That way, it informs their loved ones that immediate attention must be given to their kids or seniors.

Different Sensors for Monitoring Health

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There is a sensor installed at the back of your watch. And it’s responsible for measuring those vital signs that determine our health. This sensor data measures different health factors, like heart rate, sleep, skin temperature, blood oxygen level, stress, and more.

Heart rate monitoring is one of the best benefits offered by these wearable smart devices. It helps mitigate heart attacks by letting the user know their heart rate.

Step and Calorie Counter

With the fitness tracking feature, you can set the number of steps you wanted to achieve per day. The step counter feature will notify you once you reach your step goal.

These smartwatches have activity tracking sensors, which can help calculate estimated burnt calories. Activities like running, walking, and other activities. The smartwatch will log and measure your burnt calories during those activities.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

One of the many features and benefits of using smartwatches is its ECG or electrocardiogram. This gives more accurate heart rate monitoring and measurements. It also provides data that helps detect early signs of heart-related problems.

Some of the famous brands having this feature are Apple Watch Series 4 and Samsung Galaxy smartwatches.

Water Sports Feature

Nowadays, smartwatches provide easy access for water sports enthusiasts. They are very versatile devices, unlike a normal watch. This feature allows athletes to monitor their time, and measure distance and heart rate while they are swimming.

There are also smartwatch features that provide sensor data for diving purposes.

It Helps Track Your Movement

Some of these wearable devices come with movement tracking features. It allows you to watch your child’s movements, pet, or other members of your family.

There is a specific feature called a gyroscope. This feature helps track movements. That includes rotation and moving from one place to another.

It reminds you to Stop and Breathe

We are busy bustling with everything in life, and we are so caught up with so many things making life stressful. When life gets tough, we sometimes forget to stop and breathe.

Through the apps pre-installed on some smartwatches, they send notifications or reminders for you to stop and breathe. You can customize the number of times that you wanted your smartwatch sends you reminders.

These smartwatch features guided breathing exercises. There’s a range from 1 to 5 minutes to help you relax, calm down and focus on the present moment. This is a very great feature that will remind you to get a quick rest before doing the next thing on your list.

You can track your pets using smartwatch

There are dog tags that are smart and can be synced with a smartwatch. That way, you can turn on the GPS function and track the location of your pet.

Does the battery life of a smartwatch last longer than a smartphone?

Most smartwatches have shorter battery life than smartphones. It has a short charging rate, but it can run for a long period of time.

Check the brand and features of the watch you want to buy. Get them from a trusted shop. That ensures you get good quality of your smartwatch. You are also sure that it’s authentic.

You can also check the actual battery life of the device you want to sale. Go for something that has a battery life of 6 days and up.

Are Smartwatches better than Smartphones?

There are pros and cons to having this wearable device. The convenience it brings to us is unbeatable. The main reason why many customers are wanting this.

To help you better understand the edge of a smartwatch than a phone, below are its competitive advantages:

  • It is securely wrapped around your wrist. No worries that it might fall off your pocket.
  • You can easily access your apps and their other features on the wrist.
  • It is more lightweight than a phone.
  • It has better health tracking features than any smartphones.
  • These devices help you keep up with communications and alerts. You can readily communicate with your team or family using this wearable smart device. You can even access your social media on the wrist.
  • Most of them can be synced with any phones. There are also many third party apps partnering with smartwatches.
  • It can help you track your location, the location of your phone and your loved ones.

But there are also disadvantages of having this wearable device:

  • It has a smaller LCD.
  • Most of them have shorter battery life than a smartphone.
  • Multitasking is better in smartphones.

Are Smartwatches Worth It?

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If you are a tech enthusiast and a person who enjoys mobility and convenience, smartwatches are the best choice for you. You must choose the right smartwatch that suits your needs and budget.

There are so many smartwatches to decide from since most brands are trying to improve the functionality of their smartwatches.

Remember, you’ll have your own preferences when it comes to functionality. Better check the specifications of the smartwatch and identify which OS (operating system) fits your needs. Something like kids smartwatches from Timex , you wont go wrong with timeless brands!