360 Kids Smart Watch Review

360 kids smart watch Review

Hello everyone! Here we will be reviewing the 360 Kids Smart Watch. They are the most recently viewed items and consider one of the smart watches in Australia.

The main reason why parents want to buy smart watches is for them to be able to get in touch with their kids. Whenever the kids are not around their side, they become worried.

We will review:

We have searched and reviewed the reason why most parents consider the 360 Kids Smart Watch as a good investment to buy for kids.

In this article, we have curated the customer reviews, product details, and pros and cons about this brand, 360.

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Below we have listed the summary of the features. That is available for 360 kids smartwatch E1 and 360 kids smartwatch e2.


Let’s start knowing more about 360 Kids Smart Watch.

360 4G Kids Smart Watch E1

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Product Specification

  • Brand: 360
  • Model: E1
  • Compatible devices: Smartphone
  • Age range: 6+ of age
  • Camera: 2-megapixel
  • PX8 waterproof
  • One-button SOS
  • HD Screen: 1.4-inch HD large screen
  • 4G network
  • Sim card: Standard Nano card
  • Battery life: 800mAh
  • App: Download and install 360 Kids Smart Watch App.

It has a 2-megapixel camera, which is capable of video calling among smartwatches.

Allowing you to stay visible in communication with your kids.



In my hands-on experience, the main reason why we love this product is that 360 Kids Smart Watch E1 has S.O.S button.

This enables your kid to call for help during an emergency situation. And it also gives you their precise location using GPS tracking on this smartwatch.

Camera and video call

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This 360 kids smart watch e1 with a Camera and video calls will help you in many ways.

This 4G kids smart watch can play an important role in your daily life as a parent. Because of its usability, it also has a dual camera and 2-megapixel that you will see your kids’ photos and videos .

Let us be honest, that as a parent you always want to check your children’s whereabouts. Especially at school or activities outside our home.

This 360 kids smart watch e1 will help you get updated with your children. They can take pictures in front or side camera and have a video call using this smartwatch.

Quick SOS

One of the great things about this kid smartwatch is its capability to help children to give an instant SOS notification to parents or family members when facing emergency situation.

Your kids will long press the power button for 5 seconds. And immediately they can also contact family members anytime.


This 360 kids smart watch e1 is fitted with an 800 amh large capacity battery that kids can use for 2 to 4 days.

Classroom system

This Classroom feature that is available 360 kids smart watch helps in preventing kids from interruption during class.

Your child might play or do other stuff with this 360 kids smart watch during class hours.

But with this kids smart watch parents can specify prohibited timeframe to use the apps . The available feature on this 360 kids smart watch is the time and SOS button only.

Call and Chat

360 4g kids smart watch

360 kids smart watch e1 is only available for children’s exclusive circle to create group chat and calls. Remember it is only the parents who can register contacts for their children.

This smart watch can help secure your kids from unknown people who want to take advantage of their young minds. And do some unexpected things when they are out of your home.

Parents can also create a family group chat for instant video calls where they can share happiness in their activity with friends.


patch trace

The step tracker included in 360 kids smart watch e1 is the most convenient way to keep your kids exercising and improve their health. Parents can check the number of steps for their kids.

You can create goal steps for kids and will give them rewards whenever they can achieve them. This is another way to make your kids active rather than using mobile games and sitting all day.

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standby time

There is more sound coming from the speaker using this kids smart watch and has a good quality that you can hear exactly the words.

Tracking location

registered contacts

This 360 kids smart watch can set up a virtual fence around a certain area, like between your home and your child’s school.

If your child crosses this line of the area, you will receive a notification, to let you know about the place. You could also review the track of places where they go.

360 4G Kids Smart Watch E2

360 4g kids smart watch E2

Product Specification

  • Brand: 360
  • Model: E2
  • Compatible devices: Smartphone
  • Age range: 6+ of age
  • Camera: 5 megapixel HD dual cameras
  • PX8 waterproof
  • One-button SOS
  • 4G network
  • Sim card: Standard Nano card
  • Battery life: 800mAh
  • App: Download and install the 360 Kids Smart Watch App.

This 360 kids smart watch e2 has the same features as the e1 model of 360 kids smart watch.

It has dual cameras for a video call or has a group chat, can track their kids when they are away from their safe zone and more fun feature are available.

The only difference with this 360 kids smart watch e2. It has 5 megapixels and the watch is only 14.80mm in thickness.

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Customer Reviews about 360 brand:

I ordered two as presents for my daughters. They are fascinated. They should show it to every one of their friends. The only annoyance is that you do not accept calls while charging. Also, two children cannot be placed in the same family group. Perhaps I’m not familiar enough with its options. However, in general, it is a fantastic product. Review Rate: 5/5

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Final Words…

Overall based on our hands on experience we recommend the 360 kids smart watch E2 because of it’s camera and thickness.

Their quick SOS button, for 5 seconds pressing the power button. You can receive a notification that your kids need your help. Or any family members anytime anywhere.

For us, it has many benefits for kids’ security and health being.

Hope you have. You can visit our website to learn more about the best smartwatches for children.